Now it’s time to take a close look at a small but competitive business making a difference for the Korean economy. What do Choco Pies, Dosirak Instant Cup Ramen, and Melona Popsicles have in common? They are all Korean snacks that are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. With the popularity of Korean pop culture abroad, the popularity of Korean food has also taken over different parts of the globe. There is a company that has been contributing to this Hallyu food trend. It’s Glami, famous for its hangover relief herbal drink both at home and abroad. The company gained a lot of attention at the Seoul Food 2017 exhibition held last month. Let’s hear from Glami’s CEO Lim Gwang-ho.

The Seoul Food show is an international food industry exhibition and our company has been taking part in it for the past 20 years. We produce “Dawn 808”, an internationally and domestically patented product which is made with the belief that if there is a disease that food cannot cure, a doctor cannot cure it either. That’s how much emphasis we put on using natural, herbal ingredients.

With the first exhibition in 1983, Seoul Food has been setting new trends for the food industry each year, becoming one of the four major food fairs in Asia. There was one company that was in the spotlight at the event. It was Glami, which has been attending the event each year since the company’s establishment in 1996. Glami is famous for its hangover drink “Dawn 808”, which is suitable for anyone to drink.

Dawn 808 brings relief from thirst, heartburn, headaches, bad breath, and other hangover symptoms. We developed it with an inventor’s passion, honesty, and sincerity after 807 experiments, which is why we named it Dawn 808. When we were working on the drink, the only hangover drinks on the market were those with artificial ingredients. Dawn 808 is a natural herbal drink that is both effective and good for the body. We use natural herbs with patented technology which differentiates our product from the rest. We use an optimal mix of natural ingredients for hangover relief that have been passed down through word of mouth or ancient texts.

According to a report by Euromonitor International last year, Korea ranked highest in terms of the average daily amount of alcohol consumption per adult among the 24 countries surveyed. As there are lots of occasions for drinking through frequent company dinners and social gatherings, there is strong interest in ways to relieve hangovers. Koreans would traditionally eat hot soups to relieve their aching stomachs after a night out, but in 1992, CJ CheilJedang released a hangover drink called Condition which began a new trend. The hangover drink market, which was worth 1.7 billion won in 1992, grew to 230 billion won by 2016 with a variety of different products now on the shelves. Pharmaceutical and food companies are both competing for a share in the highly competitive market, which is why Glami is emphasizing the fact that their product is only made from natural ingredients. The process was not easy. Glami researched and experimented with the functions and uses of natural ingredients, such as alder and rowan trees, to become pioneers of the herbal hangover drink market.

Dawn 808 became the first drink that was acknowledged for its excellent hangover relief properties by the Korean Food Research Institute. As it uses natural herbs, it is healthy and is the first hangover drink that has been internationally patented. Starting with a patent from Korea in 1998, it has received patents from a total of 11 countries including the US, Japan, China, Canada, and six countries in Europe. Each country has special remedies for hangovers, but Dawn 808 is the first to be patented. It also won numerous awards at international invention fairs and expositions.

Dawn 808 is only made from natural ingredients. It was evaluated by the Korean Food Research Institute as improving liver function and having gastric mucosal protection properties. As Dawn 808 was also the world’s first internationally patented hangover drink, it was able to sweep all of the ten major international invention fairs. This award-winning product also has a solid position in the market.

Dawn 808 is a patented product that is made from natural ingredients. It tastes like oriental herbal tea, but does not have a strong taste, so everyone can enjoy it. Dawn 808 enjoys a 40 percent market share and ranked number 1 for two consecutive years in sales among beverages at convenience stores. Our product is also acknowledged by consumers worldwide as it is exported to various countries including the US, China, Japan, Saipan, Singapore, and Mexico.

Dawn 808 has ranked number one for 12 consecutive years on the Korea Standards Association’s Consumer Wellbeing Index and was LOHAS-certified for eight consecutive years. Since its release in 1998, consumers have been looking for Dawn 808 to relieve their hangover. In order to make other healthy products for consumers, Glami is focusing on R&D.

We are working on treatments for atopic skin disease, hyperlipidemia, and cancer using natural ingredients and herbs. We are also working on a new product that will be an effective treatment for cramps and menstrual pain. Our headquarters is located in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do Province, and we are developing a product for menstrual pain using the mineral spring waters brought up from around 1,000 meters underground. We will continue to do our best to realize the dream of prolonging human life.

Glami’s innovative approach enabled it to create a new concept drink that cures hangovers. The company is proud it developed a patented invention and will continue to challenge itself in the medical field to develop products for a healthier world.