Today, like in previous weeks, we’ll introduce one of the Korean firms that shined at Korea Electronics Show 2017. The firm we want to talk about is Cresyn, a manufacturer of earphones and headphones. Let’s hear from Jang Seong-hwa from the company’s marketing team.

The company’s predecessor was Korea Turntable Needle Shop that was set up in 1959. It began to produce earphones and headphones in 1985, and its own brand, Cresyn, was created in 2002. The company became quite famous for its “Axe-series” earphones. Cresyn launched a premium brand called Phiaton in 2008 and integrated all brands under the new one in 2015. The word “phi” in Phiaton refers to the golden ratio, and “ton” represents sound or tone. Our corporate philosophy is to provide top-quality products with advanced technology and sophisticated designs. We aim to provide consumers with high-quality audio, as if they are listening to live music.

Starting with turntable needles, Cresyn has been dedicated to producing audio products for nearly 60 years to allow music lovers to enjoy the best sound quality. In the 2000s, when foreign products like Sony and Panasonic were prevalent, the company won the hearts of consumers with its Axe-series earphones, which are shaped like an axe. “Axe 2,” in particular, which was released in October 2002, became a sensation as more than 600-thousand units were sold. The secret of the explosive popularity was its excellent sound quality and the unique design that was hard to find in low-end earphones. Thanks to its strong technology, the company was able to make the high-quality yet affordable product.

We develop all the components of earphones and headphones, including the “driver unit” that creates audible sound, with our own technology. Our products have useful features such as the Bluetooth function and noise cancelation, which blocks external noises. We clearly stand out in these two functions. Our research and development center continues to develop core parts of the products. Domestically, Cresyn is the top manufacturer of earphones and headphones. It is the one of the world’s top five brands, in terms of production capacity.

Cresyn began to produce OEM and ODM products in 1985. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing and ODM means original design manufacturing. It has accumulated technical skills by providing its goods to the world’s leading makers of earphones and headphones, including Japan’s Audio-Technica. It has been operating its own R&D center to develop its indigenous technology to better reproduce natural sound, work on delicate designs and make users feel comfortable when wearing the products. As a result, the company has secured the leading technology to recreate clear sound that is close to the original audio while eliminating unnecessary noise. Ranking alongside global audio manufacturers, Cresyn has raised its brand awareness even further through collaboration with a famous local producer.

YG Entertainment is home to big-name K-pop groups, including Big Bang and Black Pink. A producer named Teddy, who has nurtured the agency’s representative singers, has worked with us from the beginning. With the participation of the professional producer, we have been able to reproduce clear, original sound. A lot of musicians are using our products that fully showcase our best technology. We also worked on designs together to encourage celebrities to use the products with wonderful designs. Our products received world-renowned awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.

In 2015, Cresyn collaborated with YG Entertainment’s producer, Teddy, to develop Bluetooth headphones and hybrid earphones. The new headphones feature CD sound quality by improving the audio bandwidth that Bluetooth cannot usually express. Equipped with the noise canceling technology, it blocks external noises by up to 98 percent so users can fully enjoy the original sound recorded in the studio. On a positive note, it won the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, one of the top three design awards in the world, to enjoy rave reviews overseas. Having also collaborated with the world’s premium label, Prada, the company is now exporting its products to various parts of the world.

Currently, we export our goods to more than 20 countries around the world, including the U.S., Europe, Asia, Russia and South America. In fact, the Phiaton brand was launched in the U.S. earlier than in other places, so it is more famous there. Those who find it necessary to use the noise cancelation function, including airport passengers, are looking for our products. The elegant designs are increasingly appealing to businesspeople using airports in the U.S.

As a global premium brand, Cresyn is establishing a solid foothold in the world’s high-end audio equipment market with superior sound quality and amazing designs of its products. But the company’s efforts toward innovation do not end here. At this year’s Korea Electronics Show, it unveiled an impressive product, the first of its kind in the world.

This product, the BT700, is a pair of wireless earphones that is popular these days. People can use this wireless product very conveniently. To develop the product, we used our self-developed BA Driver so it can deliver even clearer sound. As you can see, it has a battery case, and a speaker is installed inside the case. When the earphones are connected, the battery case turns into a speaker to enable users to share the music they are listening to with people around them. We received a patent for the design and function. In a word, the BT700 is the world’s first pair of wireless earphones that can operate as a speaker.

The cordless earphones can be firmly attached to the user’s ears, even during exercise, and the rechargeable case also serves as a speaker. Cresyn is expanding the sphere of sound and leading the audio equipment market with its constant technological innovations and unique products. It now stands as South Korea’s signature premium audio brand.