The New Year is upon us and for many of us that means New Year’s resolutions! Today I’m going to introduce the top seven fashion resolutions you can make and keep for a stylish you.

*Get organized
Great style begins with a streamlined and well-organized closet. This year, resolve to organize your wardrobe more often—at least once a season. Before you dash to the malls in time for the new season, go through your current wardrobe and get a feel for what to keep and what to throw away. Consider donating or tossing things that do not flatter you.

*Quality over quantity
Forget fast fashion and think “investment dressing.” When it comes to wardrobe planning, avoid impulse buys and invest in good quality staples that stand the test of time. A simple tailored black coat, a camel pea coat, a classic black dress, a perfectly fitting pair of jeans, a crisp button-down are all must-haves in anybody's wardrobe!

*Prepare outfits for the week
Instead of wasting time in the morning fumbling for what to wear, consider planning out outfits for the week. Try to organize a spot and categorize work outfits, casual outfits, and gym outfits. This will help you visually see combinations you are likely to miss.

*Get dressed up more often
Get dolled up more often and revamp your style! Think outside the box and put together pieces in unexpected ways so you can look and feel different. One way to play dress up is to make more use of fancy clothes. Mix and match and experiment with items in ways that you normally won’t consider—such as a flowy, maxi metallic skirt teamed with a casual plain white shirt, a printed shirt teamed with a printed pair of slacks or a trendy faux fur coat worn over a bold printed dress.

*Give old clothes a new look
Value your basics and take care of the clothes that you have. Learn how to wash delicate items such as a silk blouse, sequined dress or a pair of suede heels. Designate a day for laundry and dry cleaning—and dust off those old clothes lying in the back of your closets and take them to a tailor. This will make your favorite pieces last longer and help you look fresh all year long!

This year, resolve to accessorize often. As any fashionista knows, accessories have the power to elevate a look. A touch of sparkle here and a pop of color there can instantly punch up an outfit. Embrace statement jewelry such as bold necklaces, big chandelier earrings and layered rings and always keep your look chic!

*Class up your feet
Remember, shoes can make or break an outfit. Pay attention to your shoes and ensure they are always polished. Check for stains and wrinkles and make sure that they enhance your outfit. Colorful shoes such as electric blue stilettos or pink ballerina flats are the perfect accessory to add a touch of whimsy on days when your outfit is simple and plain. And of course, timeless items such as a pair of classic black heels, neutral beige round-toe pumps and a pair of neutral colored leather boots are always great options to have in your wardrobe.

Play with these tips and make 2017 your most stylish year!