It’s hard to believe we are already three weeks into the New Year. The New Year means it’s time for a new beauty routine. Among other unwanted skin problems, under-eye bags and dark circles are the number one culprit when it comes to looking tired. To help you look younger and more refreshed in time for the new season ahead, today I’m going to introduce tips on how to conceal under-eye dark circles.

*Step #1: Stimulate
First up, stimulate the eye area by using a good-quality eye cream. Remember, the skin that surrounds the eye is very thin and delicate, so it is important to use your ring (or fourth) finger--the weakest of your fingers--to apply the eye cream. This way, you can avoid accidentally applying too much pressure on the delicate eye area. Don’t forget to apply just a small amount and lightly pat the cream, as too much moisture can make the makeup slip and slide. To further help reduce signs of fatigue, you can also consider using one-step disposable eye patches which are a great rescue remedy. Leave the moisturizing eye patch on for about 10 minutes for it to absorb properly before applying the concealer.

*Step #2: Brighten & Conceal
Dark circles are usually bluish or grayish in color. To conceal them, it is advisable to apply colors that are opposite on the color wheel—which are pinks and peaches. Light to medium pink or peach colored concealer works best for pale skin, whereas dark peach and orange work for medium to dark skin. Using a small concealer brush, apply the concealer under the eyes—low enough to completely cover the concerned area. You can also use your ring finger and lightly pat the concealer in an upside down triangle. For maximum results, it is important to apply the concealer before foundation.

*Step #3: Blend
The next step is to blend the concealer so that you can avoid having a noticeable makeup line. If you wear foundation, dot your foundation all over the face and buff it in, gently blending the concealer so that it becomes one with the skin. If you don’t wear foundation, makeup artists recommend choosing a concealer that is the same color as your skin tone and layering it on top of the pinkish concealer. Using your fingertips, seamlessly blend the concealer so it won’t settle in the fine lines.

*Step #4: Set
Lastly, to prevent the concealer from creasing, set the concealer by using a mineral finishing powder. Using a flat sponge, apply a thin layer of finishing powder under your eyes to keep the concealer from settling into fine lines. Don’t forget to choose super smooth powder that doesn’t cake up. Lastly, dab a shimmery highlighter along the brow bone and into the corners of your eyes and immediately look refreshed and radiant!