Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! There is no one right way to celebrate the romantic day—and different agendas call for different outfits. To help you look and feel your very best on this romantic day, today I’m going to introduce a few styling tips that will guarantee you the most fashionable holiday.

* To a romantic dinner
Valentine’s is the perfect occasion to get all dolled up. To an intimidate dinner, opt for a glitzy white mini dress embellished with pearls and studs. Team up the dress with a pair of burgundy velvet booties and top off the look with a cream-colored faux fur overcoat—and you have a lovely look. If you would like to keep your look toned down a bit, you can do a mix of formal and casual wear. For instance, a lovely red silk blouse can be great enough with a pair of dark blue jeans. To emphasize the holiday atmosphere, you can opt for a pair of pretty red pumps and a red tote bag. Do your hair in beautiful curls and keep your makeup glowing with a peachy pink blush and stunning red lips. For men, switch out your regular black blazer for a textured blazer in plush fabrics like velvet, satin or corduroy. Pair simple trousers and as for the top, play with prints and bold colors for a holiday vibe. A deep red colored turtleneck sweater teamed with a black velvet blazer and slacks can be a perfect valentine’s outfit for the most stylish men.

* Casual get-togethers with family and friends
If you make the right combinations, casual outfits can also be quite stunning. For a movie night out with friends, opt for your favorite denim jeans and a lovely thick white sweater. To add a Valentine’s vibe, mix and match a pair of red colored patent leather ankle boots and a fur-trimmed tote bag and you have a supremely chic look. In addition, something as casual as a turtleneck dress can be a great choice for get-togethers with family and friends. Team up with a furry coat, thigh-high boots, and a neon pink handbag for a lovely look. For men, opt for a pair of dark grey jeans and team up with cable knit sweaters in rich hues such as burgundy, deep plum, and golden browns—the perfect not-too-casual, not-too-dressy alternative to a simple white t-shirt. Top off the look with a black peacoat and a pair of white sneakers for a stylish look.

*Staying in
We can use any excuse to dress up even if we are staying in for the holiday. If you are celebrating it low-key, you can still keep your look flirty and fun by color-blocking bright solid colors you wouldn’t normally consider. For instance, a bright pink shirt teamed with a pair of neon red lounge pants can be a cute combination for chilling out at home. For men, mix and match reds and whites, pinks and blues, and milky greens and oranges. You can also opt for a pair of plaid pajama pants and team up with a striped top for a full on print-on-print look—and chill in comfy yet stylish loungewear!