Changes in our skin are often associated with changes in weather. We are getting closer to spring—and the beginning of a new season means a reset in our skincare habits. Winter’s cold temperatures and low humidity have left our skin robbed of moisture, leaving it looking dry and older. To help you get healthy, glowing skin all spring long, today I’m going introduce the top skincare tips.

1. Discard old makeup
First, before you do anything else, give your skincare collection a fresh new start. Remember, cosmetics have shelf lives and old products can harbor bacteria. Go through your makeup, check for spoilage, and immediately toss out old items. Spring is also a good time to replace worn-out makeup applicators like brushes and sponges—don‘t forget to frequently clean your makeup applicators to avoid infections.

2. Change products
The transition into spring weather can be overwhelming for our skin and it is important to use the right products. Heavy lotions and creams you’ve been using all winter long can clog the pores. Switch out those thick creams for lightweight but stiff effective serums and lotions now and give your skincare a much-needed overhaul.

3. Hydrate properly
There is no question that proper moisturization is the number one law to good skincare. After having survived another bitter winter, your skin may have taken a beating—looking dull, dry, flaky, and showing more lines and wrinkles. To combat unwanted skin changes winter has left us with, make moisturizing your number one habit. Apply lighter moisturizers in layers every morning and evening and frequently use facial mists to keep the face hydrated.

4. Exfoliate regularly
As any beauty junkie knows, deep exfoliation always promotes healthier, brighter skin. No matter how good of a skincare product you use, a buildup of dead skin cells can prevent your skin from absorbing all the active ingredients in the product. This spring, make it a commitment to use a mild exfoliator to exfoliate your face and body at least twice a week to shed that top layer of dead skin cells and to clear out the blackheads—and the result is clear skin with a healthy glow!

5. Wear sunscreen
As we transition from winter to spring, our skin may need some help tolerating sun exposure. Whether rain or shine, commit to wearing sunblock every single day. It’s probably a good idea to toss out that unused sunscreen bottle from last year that’s been sitting on your makeup counter. Don’t forget to check the expiration date on the product—it’s safe to use if it’s still within a year, but if not, invest in a new water-resistant sunscreen and dutifully apply it every day.

Play with these tips and flaunt beautiful skin all spring long!