As any beauty junkie knows, a glamorous set of nails can transform any look, adding a bit of girly glam to your style. Today I’m going to introduce the hottest nail trends for Spring 2017.

The New French
The New French manicure is back with a twist this season. Gone are the white tips with clear-polish topcoats that were hot in the 90s—instead, we are seeing all sorts of new looks this spring—thanks to a variety of colors, graphic shapes, and metallics. While thin tips never go out of style, this season’s nail trends include thicker tips—almost covering half of your nails. Instead of a thin white edge, opt for thicker tips using subdued pastels—everything from soft pinks, peaches to corals—on clear polished nails. In addition, sleek color contrasting with darker colors used for tipping is an extremely popular nail trend at the moment. To update your look, opt for the deepest burgundy base with black tips and breathe new life into your look. Try the New French mani now and give your style a boost!

Black Accents
Black nails—both high-shine and matte—have made a strong comeback as one of the hottest trends of the season. Whether painted fully, done as half-moons (where the cuticles are painted), or just painted at the tips, black nails were spotted all over the Spring/Summer 2017 runways. Black nails look super chic when painted over bare nails. Go for the hottest styles and choose vertically striped black nails or lovely half-moons curved around the cuticle—and show off your fashion sense!

Glitzy Metallics
Lastly, glitzy metallic nails are “in.” More modern and updated, metallics on the nails this season include lots of platinums and golds. For the best transition from dull winter looks, opt for solid platinums or rose golds and add some bling without overwhelming yourself with too many accessories. Put on the glitz now and flaunt beautiful hands!