Spring is here and it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe. Today I’m going to introduce tips on how to wear florals—a key fashion trend of the season.

As fashionistas prepare to swing into spring, flowers are once again de rigueur for the season. The Spring/Summer 2017 runways were filled with floral-inspired looks, with many designers embracing the iconic spring pattern in everything from spring’s staple outerwear to pants, dresses, shoes and bags. One thing to take note about this season’s florals is that designers are reinterpreting them in fresh new ways to include an array of different styles—from subtle blooms to loud prints.

* Styling Tip #1: Head-to-toe Florals
One hot look straight from the Spring/Summer 2017 runways was the head-to-toe floral look. Wearing head-to-toe anything can sound a little intimidating—but with a few styling tips in mind, anyone can rock an all-floral ensemble and still pull off a chic look. This season, don’t be afraid to go full throttle in full blooms. For the office, opt for a floral printed blazer featuring super brassy blooms reminiscent of the eighties. Team up the blazer with a pair of high-waisted trousers featuring the same pattern as the top and rock a floral-on-floral outfit. In addition, flower print dresses are perfect for any spring day. For a casual Friday at work, opt for a statement dress featuring oversized floral motifs. Remember, this season you can get away with being totally matchy-matchy—wear the same print on the shoes and flaunt your fashion sense!

* Styling Tip #2: Mix and Match with Neutrals
If all floral outfits are not your thing, try mixing and matching with neutrals—which is always a smart way of nailing down the floral trend. This spring, floral prints are not hidden in subdued colors but come in vibrant hues, definitely meant to make a fashion statement. Floral patterned spring staples including everything from buttondowns, blazers, dresses, skirts to shoes, bags, and even sunglasses look great when paired with solid neutrals. A pair of slacks featuring whimsical floral prints will look fabulous when teamed with something as simple as a tailored jacket in white, black or pastels, whereas a floral print bomber jacket will pair well with simple black or beige slacks. Top off the outfit with a pair of nude pumps and a tote bag and you have a lovely outfit.

Rock florals now and stay stylish!