Spring is at its peak and that means new makeup trends to try. Today I’m going introduce tips on how to pull off the MLBB trend—officially the newest lip makeup trend to hit Korea.

A dab of lipstick can transform the entire look of a woman, be it bold or subtle—and this season, every beauty junkie out there is talking about the MLBB look. Acronym for “My Lips But Better,” an MLBB lipstick is one that closely matches your natural lip color and is the latest makeup trend to be embraced by Korean celebrities and fashion and beauty influencers. To ace this look, you’ll need to find the right shade of lipstick that is the same shade as your lips but adds a bit more depth and gloss to your pout. To help you find “The One” perfect MLBB shade, I’ve rounded up some tips anyone can follow.

*Tip #1: Go for dusty pinks, beiges, and nudes
As for the color, an MLBB lipstick is typically dusty pinks or nudes. Soft peaches, light creamy pinks, and soft beiges will complement those with fair to medium skin tones, whereas women with darker complexions will look best in nude lip colors with a bit of plum, burgundy, or red undertones. Remember, swatching on your arms or the back of your hands will be futile—as they are not the same color as your lips. Compare the lipstick to the color of your inner lip and finally, try it on directly on the lips.

*Tip #2: Choose a barely-there texture
As for the texture, skip the super shiny glosses. Simply stated, any lipstick with lots of shimmer or gloss will not be your perfect MLBB shade. Also, do stay away from anything too matte, as it can make you look older. The best MLBB lipsticks have a creamy or satin finish, perfect for a barely-there texture. Try to find the perfect texture that will make you look “done,” not washed out.

*Tip #3: Visit a makeup counter
Lastly, stay away from shopping online, especially if you are a first time buyer. An MLBB lipstick is one makeup product that you will want to try it out yourself in person. Visit a makeup counter, swatch as many as you can, and find that perfect shade that makes your lips still look like your lips, only better.

Rock the MLBB look now and stay beautiful!