Makeup trends change season-to-season, sometimes subtly in one and more noticeably in another. Summer is fast approaching and it is time to say goodbye to heavy makeup—and today I’m going to introduce the hottest makeup ideas that are here to stay for Spring 2017.

Natural-looking makeup is still a hot trend and as for the face, definitely go light on the makeup to prevent your face from looking cakey. Save the rich, creamy formulas until fall rolls back around and opt for light products. The best face makeup products to use during this time of the year include lightweight foundations, tinted moisturizers, and BB/CC creams known as blemish balm and color correcting creams. To get a glowing look, layer a good quality toner and serum on a properly cleansed face. Then apply sunscreen containing a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 or higher. An optional next step is to apply a primer to help create a smooth base. Finally, mix BB cream and foundation in a 2:1 ratio, apply the mixture evenly across the face, and dab on a concealer on spots, blemishes, and under-eye dark circles.

During the warmer season, it’s recommended to go light on the eye makeup and do bold lips instead. Avoid heavily done eyes such as cat eyes with winged lingers—and instead, opt for softer, shimmery eyeshadows that mix and match for endless possibilities. In particular, lovely pinks and coral eyeshadows are “in” this season. Instead of wearing a pink eyeshadow alone, a makeup trick is to layer them on top of neutral base shadows such as beiges and browns. This way, you can create a more subtle look. As for the liner, ditch your everyday black liquid liner and experiment with brown pencil liners for a softer look. Go light on the mascara where you will still get the length but not have your eyelashes weighed down.

Spring and summer is the perfect season to try out new lip colors. Ditch your everyday nude lipsticks and play with lots of flashy hues such as neon reds and hot pinks and corals. In particular, coral lips will be our favorite look of the season. One of Korea’s latest beauty trend is the gradient lip look. Get the look by dotting the inner side of your lips using a coral lipstick or lip tint and blend it out using a lip brush.

Lastly, as for the blush, skip the princessy pink and coral blushes you’ve been used to. In-stead, use a light colored bronzer in light tans—almost similar to your natural skin color—for an understated, subtle pop of glow and get that perfect skin-kissed look.

Play with these tips and have fun with makeup!