From the runways to the streets, graphic t-shirts seem to be one “it” item ruling the roost this season. Today I’m going to introduce top tips on how to style a graphic tee like a fashionista.

● Styling Tip #1: Mix and match with formal pieces
The graphic t-shirt featuring vintage logos and quirky patterns is a new wardrobe staple for Spring/Summer 2017. Consider mixing and matching with formal pieces—such as a sharp blazer or a pair of classic slacks for a stylish and modern look. To update your office look, switch out your favorite blouse for a graphic t-shirt loudly stamped with a bold print and pair with a sleek, fitted blazer and black pencil skirt combo for an entirely different look. In addition, a pair of loose-fitting formal trousers can be the perfect complement to a bold printed t-shirt. Pick up a quirky print t-shirt and team up with a pair of black slacks and complete the outfit with a pair of wedge heels.

● Styling Tip #2: Experiment with a variety of bottoms
Next, you don’t always have to do jeans when rocking the look. Do experiment with a variety of bottoms other than your favorite denim—be it a mini skirt, a midi pleated skirt, an A-line skirt, and more. This season, designers are giving new life to the ever-so-stylish, off-duty staple by introducing new interpretations of the look. To revamp your style, make a graphic tee the focus of your ensemble. Instead of going for your favorite jeans, mix and match an ultra-feminine pleated skirt, long enough to cover your knees. Throw a blazer over the statement shirt and skirts combo for a dressier look.

● Styling Tip #3: Layer under a dress
Looking good in a vintage graphic t-shirt doesn’t have to be complicated. One other easy way to style a graphic t-shirt is to layer it under a dress. Pick up a graphic vintage band tee and layer it under a spaghetti-strap dress for a laid-back vibe. For a casual outing, pick up a loud geometric print shirt and wear a sleeveless dress right over the top and instantly create a new look. Complete the outfit with a pair of sneakers and pull off a chic, understated look.

Rock a graphic tee now and stay stylish!