Once considered a fashion don’t, high-waist, straight-leg jeans known as “mom jeans” are officially back in mainstream fashion, as evidenced on the runways and the streets. To wear the new style of jeans requires a new inspiration—and as long as you keep these simple styling tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to fashion coolness.

* Styling tip #1: Show off your waistline
The number one styling tip to keep in mind when rocking mom jeans is to wear the top tucked in so you can accentuate your waistline. For casual outings, opt for a pair of classic blue mom jeans and team up with a loose-fitting, white linen buttondown. Carve out an hourglass figure by tucking the blouse in, and complete the outfit with a pair of heels for a taller and leaner look.

* Styling tip #2: Opt for minimalist styles
As for the design, opt for minimalist styles in classic blues and navys devoid of rips and tears. According to stylists, mom jeans in darker, inkier shades of blue and navy are super hot this season. For a casual Friday, swap your regular black slacks for a pair of high-waist, straight-leg mom jeans in dark navy and instantly update your look. Pair with a sleek blazer layered over a loose-fitting tee and finish off with a pair of classic pumps for a polished look.

* Styling tip #3: Tough it up with a moto jacket
While mom jeans go well with any top, a motorcycle jacket can be a perfect complement on days when you want to toughen up your look. Toss on a black moto jacket in any neutral shade over your favorite high-waist jean and tee combo. Top off the look with pair of black killer heels and you have a chic look.

*Styling tip #4: Double up on denim
Lastly, the jean-on-jean look is still trending. With designers loving all things denim, wearing multiple pieces of denim in one outfit is no longer a fashion don’t. To wear the mom jeans with style, mix and match everything from denim buttondowns to denim jackets and create a “full-on” look. Depending on your fashion taste, you can finish with a pair of heels to keep the look luxe or go for casual cool kicks for an effortlessly chic look.

Play with these tips and pull off mom jeans like a street fashionista!