Hotter weather means it’s time to make over our beauty routine. Today I’m going to introduce tips on how to use a primer—a hot makeup item that is here to stay.

*For the face
As any beauty junkie knows, creating a perfect canvas for your makeup is the key to achieving a glowing look—and the secret lies in taking the time to prime, using a good quality primer. Continuing from the previous season, one hot item that still stands out in a sea of beauty products this summer is the colored primers. Available in various shades, colored primers in pinks, greens, and purples allow our skin to look smoother and help makeup to stay on longer. According to makeup artists, pink and purple colored primers are used to even out sallow face and can add brightness to very pale or dull skin. They are also great for covering under-eye dark circles as pink and purple tones mask very well your visible veins. In addition, green based primers are perfect for covering redness. Use on your T-zone and on your cheeks if you have redness due to sunburn or rashes. During the hotter months, it is recommended to use gel, lotion or mist-type primers which perform effectively in high-humidity conditions. As the last step of your skincare, apply a pea-size dot of a lightweight, oil-free primer to moisturized skin before your foundation to help create the perfect canvas for makeup application.

*For the eyes
To prime the eyelids, use an eye primer to minimize oily lids and create a smooth base for eyeshadow application. Prepping your eyes is an important step to help eyeshadow colors to last all day and to prevent smudging and creasing.

*For the lips
Lastly, before you swipe on your lipstick, use a lip primer to even out, soften, and fill in the lines on your lips. Gently rub a small amount of lip primer and allow it to set. Blot any excess with a tissue if needed. Follow with your favorite lipstick and you are set to go!

Add primers to your daily makeup routine and stay beautiful!