Today I’m going to introduce actress Lee Yoori’s fashion from the popular drama “My Father is Strange” currently airing on KBS 2 TV.

In the drama, actress Lee Yoori plays the role of a lawyer named Byun Hae-young. Boasting high ratings, the show seems to be getting more popular for the main characters’ fashion and makeup choices—and Lee Yoori is at the center of it all.

* Vivid Colors
Actress Lee Yoori’s fashion in the drama is characterized by extremely feminine and classy styles. In particular, she loves to wear vivid colors—neon reds, zesty oranges, sunflower yellows and electric blues are some of her favorite hues. One wearable look featured in the drama was a loose-fitting neon red blouse teamed up with a pair of off-white, wide-leg pants. When rocking bold colors, Lee Yoori keeps the look toned down with minimal accessories and simple shoes such as a pair of beige pumps.

* Full Suits
The mannish suit trend has been popular for some time and is here to stay this season. In the drama, Lee Yoori is frequently spotted rocking tailored suits in vivid colors, expressing a bit of charisma and personality. To copy the Byun Hae-young look, ditch your everyday black suits and opt for full suits in vivid hues—bright reds and blues—the kind of style that catch the eye with one look. For a more polished look, layer a simple tee or a button-down and keep makeup simple yet noticeable by wearing a bold lipstick. One thing to note about Lee Yoori’s style from the drama is that she chooses to rock bold lip colors even when she’s wearing vivid color outfits. Remember, there’s nothing like a bold lipstick to make a fashion statement. To copy the look, switch out your everyday pink lip gloss for something a bit more bold—a super matte red lipstick that dries into a velvety texture—and instantly take your fashion to the next level.

* Dresses
Although suits and pants are her favorite work attire, Lee Yoori occasionally wears lovely dresses to dates and client meetings. One big fashion moment in the drama was when Lee Yoori wore a pale lavender color midi-length dress to a date, paired with a white satchel bag and a cute pair of yellow sandals. To replicate the style, opt for extremely simple, minimalist inspired dresses featuring simple silhouettes and little or no detailing. Pair with strap sandals or classic pumps and mix and match necklaces and small earrings decorated with pearls and beads.

Play with these tips and relive the fashion moments from the drama!