Today I’m going to introduce actor Jee Joon’s fashion from KBS 2 TV’s popular drama “My Father is Strange.”

A former member of the boy band MBLAQ, Lee Joon is enjoying his acting career, making notable appearances in dramas and films. In the drama “My Father is Strange,” Lee Joon plays the role of an idol singer-turned-actor named Ahn Joong-hee. Given his role, Lee Joon’s fashion in the drama is always edgy and on point, and most of all, easy to replicate.

* Edgy Suits
First up, Lee Joon’s suit choices in the drama are always modern and stylish. Lee Joon is frequently spotted wearing monochrome suits such as all beige and all navy suits, paired with simple loafers or sneakers. One wearable look in the drama was when Lee Joon wore a pinstripe navy suit teamed with a simple white t-shirt. In addition, fashionable and fitted colorful suits are back in men’s fashion for Summer 2017—and the look is embraced by Lee Joon in the drama. Although he doesn’t go all out in vivid colored suits, Lee Joon likes to keep the look subtle and stylish with a pale pink suit. To get the look, ditch your everyday black suit and opt for linen suits in lovely hues—light pinks, blues, and yellows. Instead of doing a buttondown, layer something as plain as a white tee underneath and put together a business chic outfit.

* Colorful Tops
Next, colorful tops can be a lovely addition to your summer wardrobe. In the drama, Lee Joon loves to wear colorful summer tops—everything from t-shirts and sweatshirts to printed Hawaiian shirts in neon reds, poppy oranges, canary yellows and electric blues. To revamp your summer wardrobe, pick up a colorful top and pair with simple black slacks instead of your usual denim jeans and keep the look effortlessly chic. Finish off with a pair of sneakers and you have the perfect Ahn Joong-hee look.

* Accessories
Accessories can instantly change the mood of your outfit. To create outfits the Ahn Joong-hee way, focus on the accessories. Lee Joon’s favorite accessory choices in the drama are glasses and watches. One recent fashion moment in the drama was when Lee Joon wore an all black outfit—a simple black tee teamed with a pair of tapered black slacks, mix and matched with a pair of black framed glasses and a statement watch. To copy the look, opt for a pair of stylish glasses and watches in timeless designs featuring stainless steel and leather straps—all of which can help instantly transform an otherwise plain outfit.

Play with these tips and relive the fashion moments from the drama!