Today I’m going to introduce the hottest makeup trends you’ll want to try this season.

* Dewy Face
Makeup trends come and go, but dewy face makeup look seems to never go out of style—and natural looking makeup is still a hot trend this season. In the summertime when heavy makeup can weigh your look down, it is advisable to use water-based moisturizers and lightweight foundations. If foundations are too heavy for you, you can opt for creamy BB (blemish balm) creams or CC (color correcting) creams instead. To get the glowing look, layer a good quality toner and moisturizer on a properly cleansed face. Then follow with sunscreen and foundation, applying them evenly across the face. Finish by dabbing on a concealer on spots, under-eye dark circles, and any blemishes.

* Loud Mouth
Summer is the perfect season to try out bold lip colors. As seen on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways, the “loud mouth” look is super hot at the moment. This season’s lip makeup is all about the super bright lip against a bare, glowing face. It’s officially okay to ditch your everyday neutral lip colors and opt for lots of flashy hues such as neon pinks and reds. Continuing from the previous season, fiery red lips—everything from satin, matte to super glossy finishes—are still very popular. Red lips will look prettier when paired with minimal eye makeup such as shimmery beige eyeshadow teamed with simple black eyeliner and a few strokes of mascara. Rock red lips now and bring on the bling!

* Blushed Cheeks
Last but not least, another hot makeup trend is the heavily blushed cheeks look. With simple, feminine makeup topping the makeup trend charts, blushes in peaches, pinks, and rainbow colors are super popular this season. To achieve an elegant look, go for corals and pinks on the lips, soft browns on the eyes and pinks for the cheeks. Use the biggest makeup brush you have and add dramatic sweeps of pink blush and create a lovely look.

Play with these tips and have a stylish Summer 2017!