Seoul Travel Tips

Valentine’s day is a big day with couples in Korea and there’s never a shortage of things you can do to impress your loved one or to just create special memories.

Flowers have long been a universal way of showing appreciation for someone and for one way to shop for that bouquet for him or her, try visiting the Yangjae Flower Market Center. As Korea’s largest flower market you can find all sorts of flowers and plants here which you can shop and purchase as fresh cut flowers, potted, and even artificial. In addition to the sheer volume and variety, the numerous wholesale and retail stores means you can get them at a great price!

For another gift idea, how about customized perfume or diffusers? That’s just one romantic experience you can choose from the One More Trip website which offers a myriad of different local activities. Through the perfume-making class you can explore different scents with professional perfumers to create a special scent for that someone. Other romantic experiences on the site include a foot bath and medicinal herbal tea package inside a hanok café, traditional name seal carving, and traditional mother of pearl lacquer making. You can find out and book these and other experiences at

If you’re up for some fun and creative picture-taking as a pair, you can drop by the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae or the Alive Museum in Insadong to pose with the various 3D-like murals in a variety of settings. Another option is the Grevin Museum- the Seoul edition of the popular wax figure museum from Paris- where you and your love can mingle with the stars, meet historic figures, and even design your self life-sized wax figure! For a more Korean experience, sign up for a kimchi-making class at the Museum Kimchikan in Insadong to learn how to make kimchi and take your homemade kimchi jars, packed expertly, back home.

Catching a movie has also been a longtime favorite dating option for couples everywhere but in Seoul you can have special movie experiences for couples such as a special “Cine de Chef” upscale dinner with your movie, “Sweetbox” seats which act as private 2-person couches, or even a 4DX movie for action movie lovers where your seats will move and vibrate with the movie and even spray scents and light splashes of water. If you’d rather serenade your love, there’s never a shortage of noraebang singing rooms in Seoul where you can belt out love songs in numerous different languages.

Active couples can hike one of the numerous mountains in and around Seoul or, if you’re looking for something easier, the many walking trails along the Han River or along the Seoul City Wall. Bicycle renting is also a popular option at Seoul’s public parks but you can rent more than bikes in the city including pedal swan boats on the Han River or, if you’re feeling extra luxurious, a private yacht.

Cafes are also plentiful but if you’re an animal lover the various pet-themed cafes have proven a hit with local and visiting couples alike. Cat cafes and dog cafes are the most common with the chance to enjoy some animal time with your love over beverages. There’s even a sheep café in Hongdae if you’re wanting something truly unique.
Of course, you can still stick with the regular local favorite spots around Seoul, such as the N Seoul Tower to hang up the famous locks of love at night, the Banpo Rainbow Fountain Bridge in summer season for an awesome lights and music fountain show, or the Cheonggycheon Stream for a natural oasis from city life.

If you’re looking for fine dining on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to make sure you call and book early for restaurants and know that many establishments have an extra premium charge or designated set menu on popular days like these. If you’re a couple that doesn’t need a fancy setting, try visiting a traditional market to sample local favorite eats and pick up some fresh goods. If you’re an adventurous couple, the Noryangin Seafood Market is hard to beat for some of the freshest seafood of all kinds, right in the heart of Seoul.