Seoul Travel Tips

If you’ve been to Seoul already before you already know that the city is a shopper’s dream come true. But now there’s even more of a reason to shop in Seoul as the annual Seoul Summer Sale is starting off next week! From May 23 all the way through July 31 a range of shopping malls, department stores, cosmetic shops, hotels, restaurants, and more will be offering great discounts and events for all of Seoul’s visitors. And some of the savings are as much as a whopping 80%!

This is the biggest annual shopping event of Seoul and this year a record 133 different businesses will be taking part in this mega event making it the biggest Seoul Summer Sale yet. This year the event is taking place approximately a month and a half earlier than usual and will span for a period of 70 days. Another first for this year’s sale will be the participation of accommodation businesses for the first time.

Seoul meticulously screened all applying businesses for this event beforehand to settle on the 133 businesses for this year. The participating businesses have been categorized into the following seven categories: shopping malls, food and beverage, fashion and beauty, culture and entertainment, medical institutions, accommodations, and “others” for services like transportation, tours, banks, etc.

For shopping malls, most of the city’s major duty-free stores are participating as are major department stores and shopping malls. The fashion and beauty category includes numerous Korean cosmetic brand stores as well as international luxury fashion lines.

In between shopping you can both refresh yourself and receive major discounts at restaurants and cafes with cuisine ranging from Thai and Korean to all-you-can-eat buffets. Or, take advantage of the admission price cuts offered in entertainment and cultural venues including popular shows like Nanta, Pangshow, and Fantastick or venues like the Trickeye Museum, Grevin Seoul Museum, or the N Seoul Tower.

Perhaps you’d rather take advantage of the promotions with a bit of self-pampering. Go to one of the 14 participating medical institutions specializing in cosmetic procedures, skin care, and oriental medicine and enjoy some K-Beauty time! Though the Seoul Summer Sale will be giving you discounts you can be rest assured that the procedures and care you’ll receive are both safe and top in quality.

The discounts don’t stop there though as you can also receive saving in services like exchanging money from the participating major Korean banks, reduced prices for tours like the Seoul City Tour buses, and purchasing the Discover Seoul Pass which now comes in the 24 hour and 48 hour options. And last but not least, enjoy great hospitality and rest at one of the 19 accommodations that are taking part this year offering discounts on rooms, hotel restaurants, and more.

To participate, simply bring your passport- as proof of your international identity- to one of the four tourist information centers: Myeongdong Tourist Information Center, Seoul Global Cultural Center, Incheon Airport Tourist Information Center, and the Gimpo Airport Tourist Information Center. After showing your passport you will receive an official 2017 Seoul Summer Sale Welcome Kit which contains the official catalogue and coupons which will detail the savings and events ongoing at each of the participating businesses and any restrictions or conditions. Some businesses may also ask to see your passport so please bring a copy in case!

You can also check the official website at which will have detailed information as well as news about ongoing SNS events with fantastic prizes such as free hotel stays and Korean cosmetic gift packs!