Seoul Travel Tips

Seoul’s subway line 7 connects Seoul with nearby cities such as Uijeongbu, Gwangmyeong, Bucheon, and Incheon.
Gasan Digital Complex Station is home to many small to mid-sized outlet malls which are perfect for shoppers who are still on a budget. If you come just after the peak winter or summer season, many summer and winter fashion-related clothes will be at major discounts. Before or after your shopping, refuel from one of the many cheaper eateries and restaurants nearby.
While Korea’s official Chinatown is in Incheon, there are pockets of unofficial Chinatown neighborhoods around Seoul one of which is found in Daerim-dong near Daerim Station. It’s a great area to not only pick up goods and ingredients from China but has been gaining popularity for its authentic Chinese cuisine. Restaurants specializing in knife cut noodles, steamed baozi, lamb malatang are just some of the great eats you can have in this area. Don’t forget to check out the street food at the Daerim Jungang Market with treats like candied fruit on a stick, Chinese sausage, and more.
Feeling full from stuffing yourself in Daerimdong? Just two stops away from Daerim Station is Boramae Station which has a sprawling park called Boramae Park. The Korean Air Force Academy used to be here and you can still come across old military aircrafts which kids will love. But the huge park also hosts a sports field, walking trail, jogging course, and more. In the summer season there’s also a musical fountain and swimming pool.
From Sangdo Station, one can walk to Chungang University a reputable university in South Korea and known for its fields such as drama, film, and pharmacy. The hilly campus is nice to walk around and you can try and spot the university’s blue dragon on the campus grounds.
The Express Bus Terminal is one of Seoul’s major transportation hubs and the terminal is serviced by many subway lines besides line 7 including lines 3 and 9. Bus trips to many parts of Korea can be made at the bus terminal while the area around the terminal houses a major department store, underground shopping center, restaurants, hotels, and much more.
Nonhyeondong, situated between the popular Sinsa and major Gangnam area can be accessed via Nonhyeon Station. This area has a furniture street with many shops selling a wide variety of designs in furniture and lighting fixtures. Nonhyeondong also has a food alley that’s filled with everything from barbecue restaurants to street food and pubs.
Cheongdam Station brings you to the luxurious and glamorous Cheongdamdong area. It’s home to many major international luxury brands and their flagship stores making it perfect for luxury shoppers. Also calling this area home are some of Seoul’s top entertainment agencies as well as some of the capital’s hottest and most popular night clubs.
Ttukseom Resort Station is near the Ttukseom Hangang Park. Like many of the Hangang Parks this one offers paths for walking and biking, cultural complexes, and more but it’s especially popular in summer for the many water sports facilities and rental services offered here including windsurfing and water skiing.
Konkuk University Station brings you access to Konkuk University and the many shops and restaurants nearby. There’s also a cluster of Chinese lamb skewer restaurants in this area while the popular shopping mall made from shipping containers called Common Ground is found here. Families will love the Children’s Grand Park at the Children’s Grand Park Station which has a small zoo, amusement rides, botanical gardens, and more.