Seochon has long been the home of many beloved literary and cultural figures in Korean history. Some of the most popular landmarks with much cultural significance are introduced in this episode. Let’s continue our culturally enriching exploration of Seochon.


Park No-su Art Museum
Painter Park No-su is a defining figure in Korean art history for adding color to Korea’s traditional black-and-white ink paintings. His lovely home was donated after his death to be made into a museum with many marvelous architectural features.


Yun Dong-ju Literary Museum
Located at the edge of Seochon, the modest Yun Dong-ju Literary Museum stands tribute to perhaps the most beloved poet in Korean history.


Hill of a Poet
Befitting its name, this gentle hill behind the Yun Dong-ju Literary Museum is where visitors can see a stone monument engraved with his poem “Prologue.”

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