Date of Birth: October 15, 1969
Debut: June 30, 1990 “On the Empty Street”
Label: Mystic Entertainment


Yoon Jong-shin made his debut as a guest singer for 015B’s hit “On the Empty Street” and has since expanded his presence as one of the leading singer/songwriters, producers and entertainers in Korea.

Yoon also began producing albums and writing music for films starting from the 2000s. From 2010, Yoon also released collaborative monthly project albums (usually singles) each month.

The multi-talented singer/producer has also dabbled in acting and is a regular cast member for a wide variety of popular reality and variety shows.


Full length studio albums
-Like the First Time We Met (May 12, 1991)
-Sorrow (October 15, 1992)
-The Natural (November 1993)
-Coexistence (April 1995)
-Fool (April 1, 1996)
-Six Years (November 1996)
-Latter Half (January 1999)
-A Guidebook for People who have Parted (March 24, 2000)
-Shadow (July 6, 2001)
-Behind the Smile (April 12, 2005)
-A Stroll Around Town (November 25, 2008)
-His Walk of Life 2010 Yoon Jong-shin (October 28, 2010)
-His Walk of Life 2011 Yoon Jong-shin (December 6, 2011)
-His Walk of Life 2012 Yoon Jong-shin (January 03, 2013)
-His Walk of Life 2013 Yoon Jong-shin (December 20, 2013)
Just Piano (January 03, 2014)
-His Walk of Life 2014 Yoon Jong-shin (January 16, 2015)
-Melodies on Film (January 23, 2015)
-His Walk of Life 2015 Yoon Jong-shin (January 20, 2016)
-His Walk of Life 2016 Yoon Jong-shin (January 19, 2017)

Listen 010 “Like It” (June 22, 2017)
Cook Together (October 7, 2016
Beat House Live #6 “Happy Tears” (November 10, 2015)
Snowflake Bingsoo (June 24, 2014)
October Sky (October 25, 2012)
Monthly (March 25, 2010)
Chicks Baeksuk (with Jung Jun-ha, July 21, 2009)
2007 New Patbingsoo (July 23, 2007)
No Smoking Song (March 23, 2005)

Monthly project 2017
-August “Home Made”
-July “Welcome Summer”
-June “Near the End”
-May “Passport” (feat. Park Jae-jung)
-April “The One who has Lived the One Who will Live”
-March “Last Moment” (feat. Forte di Quattro)
-February “Wi-Fi” (feat. Zico)
-January “Vertical”

Monthly Project 2016
-December “Still Christmas”
-November “You who Loved You” (feat. Min-seo)
-October “First” (feat. Min-seo)
-September “Fall Clothes”
-August “Age”
-July “Empty City” (feat. Gaeko)
-June “Meaningless” (feat. Han Hae, KittiB)
-May “Sleeping In” (feat. Ken of Vixx)
-April “Billy”
-March “Old School”
-February “Chocolate” (feat. Seventeen)
-January “The First” (feat. Tablo)

Monthly Project 2015
-December “Drained”
-November “Trainee” (feat. Y.E.T.)
-2015 Monthly Project Special “Confession”
-October “Memory’s Owner”
-September “The Lobster”
-August “The Girl who Disappeared” (feat. Lucite Tokki)
-July “Beauty Inside”
-June “Good Night” (feat. Eddy Kim)
-May “It’s Okay Even If It’s a Vampire”
-April “The Color” (feat. Beenzino)
-March “Memory” (feat. Jang Jae-in)
-February “BIRDMAN”
-January “Cuba Sandwich” (feat. Skull & Haha)

Monthly Project 2014
-December “Tired Day” (feat. Kwak Jin-eon, Kim Pil)
-November “Tears of Joy”
-October “Silence” (feat. Jung Junil)
-September “Grey City” (feat. Swings)
-August “Men Without Women”
-July “Bat Girl” (feat. Younha)
-June “I Don’t Think I Should” (feat. Kelly)
-May “New You” (feat. Lim Seul-ong)
-March “Wild Boy” (feat. Kang Seung-yoon, MINO)
-February “A Thought”
-January “The Detail” (feat. Pure Kim, Muzi)

Monthly Project 2013
-Repair October “Annie”
-Repair September “Good Bye”
-Repair August “Patbingsoo”
-Repair July Part 1 “Rebirth” (feat. Kingston Rudieska)
-Repair July Part 2 “Highway Romance”
-Repair June “Coming to Me” (feat. Yangpa)
-Repair May “Going to You” (Feat. Kim Bum-soo)
-Repair April “Please”
-Repair March “No Schedule”
-Repair February “Things to do Tomorrow”
-Repair January “History of Love

Monthly Project 2012
-December “Merry Christmas as Only You”
-November “Lonely Guy”
-October “Bad” (with Yoon Sang)
-September “Crammed” (with Lee Kyu-ho)
-August “Jayuro Sunset” (with Harim)
-July “Mango Shake” (with 015B)
-June “Uphill” (feat. Jungin)
-May “Arrival” (feat. Lena Park)
-April “Drowsy Goodbye” (feat. Jo Won-seon)
-March “I Love You for Some Reason Today”
-February “Festival of Longing” (feat. Horan)
-January “Feeling Good” (feat. Jang Jae-in)

Monthly Project 2011
-November “Late Autumn” (feat. Kyuhyun)
-October “Foolish and Foolish”
-September “Thoughts of You” (feat. Kim Greem, Shinchireem)
-August “Love Scanner” (feat. Jung Seok-won, Swings)
-July “Shin’s Rhythm for 20 Years (feat. Postino)
-June “Word Ending” (feat. Jung Jun-il)
-May “Two Farewells” (feat. Lee Jung)
-April “Spring in the End” (feat. Jang Pil-soon)
-March “I can Live Without You”
-February “Bababa” (feat. Lee Sang-soon)
-January Happy New Year (feat. Kim Kwang-min)

Monthly Project 2010
-October “Can’t Live Without You”
-September “King of Regrets” (feat. Kim Yeon-woo)
-August “Night”
-July “I Wish, I Wish)
-June “At the Dentist”
-May “Instinctively”
-Monthly “Can’t Live Without You”