Full Name: Kim Kyoung-hee
DOB: January 20, 1972
Record label: Wide Entertainment
Associated acts: Kim Kyung-ho, Lim Sung-eun, Lee Geun-sang


So Chan-hwee is a singer who made her debut in 1996 with the song “Chance to Part” which was included in her debut album “Cherish.” She is best known for her vocal range and her 2000 song “Tears.”


Eight Times – Begin Again (Full length, Nov. 2006)
The True (Full length, May 2005)
The Beginning (Full length, Dec. 2002)
Red Change (Full length, March 2000)
Another (Full length, April 1998)
Then to Now (Full length, 1997)
Cherish (Full length, Jan. 1996)

Can You Feel It (Single, Dec. 2017)
Fool with Park Myung-soo (Single, March 2015)
Glass Heart (Single, Jan. 2015)
Oh~ Korea! (Single, May 2014)
So Chan-hwee Project with Roy (Single, March 2013)
Come On (Single, June 2012)
A Nail in my Heart (Single, July 2009)