DOB: Dec. 1, 1981
Record label: Glove Entertainment
Debut: Nov. 1999

Park Hyo-shin is a Korean singer who debuted in Nov. 1999 with his debut album “Things I Cannot Do For You” which included the hit title “Fool.” After appearing on a TV show called Lee Sora’s Propose, Park’s popularity rose instantly helping his debut album to sell well. Consequently, Park won the Rookie of the Year award at the 15th Golden Disk Awards that year. Park is famous for changing his style of singing. From his 5th album, his singing style changed completely with many likening it to Eric Benet. Park is considered to be one of the top male vocalists in Korea, with his name among other stars like Kim Bum-soo and Naul. However, due to his introverted personality he rarely makes appearances on TV or radio.

I Am a Dreamer (Full length, 2016)
THE GOLD (Remastered, 2016)
Gift (Part. 2) (Full length, 2010)
Gift (Part. 1) (Full length, 2009)
The GOLD (Best, 2009)
The Breeze of Sea (Full length, 2007)
Live Concert (Live, 2005)
Soul Tree (Full length 2004)
Park Hyo Shin Best(Voice=2003-1999) (Best, 2003)
Time Honored Voice (Full length, 2002)
Second Story (Full length, 2001)
What I Cannot Do For You (Full length, 1999)
Sound of Winter (Single, 2018)
Shine Your Light (Single, 2015)
Happy Together (Single, 2014)
Wild Flower (Single, 2014)
Goodbye Love (Digital single, 2010)
Winter Flower (Single, 2005)