Real name: Ahn Chil-hyun
Date of birth: October 10, 1979
Education: Dong-gook University, Graduate School of Culture and Arts (Study of Performance Video)
Debut: 1996 through group "H.O.T"


Kangta was discovered by SM Entertainment at an early age and was the lead vocalist for the group H.O.T. The group debuted in 1996 and went on to become a legendary kpop group, considered the first generation of idol groups in Korean entertainment. The group's immense popularity made them like gods to the teenage demographic.

Unfortunately, despite the group's phenomenal performance, not all the members and SM Entertainment saw eye to eye. The group disbanded when their contract was up in 2001.

Kangta remained with SM and made his solo debut. His first album "Polaris" was very successful. Kangta went on to release more albums and even started acting.
He released his Korean hits in Chinese and acted in various Taiwanese dramas. He even starred in a few Korean dramas as well. He went on to make his official debut in the Chinese music scene.

Kangta made a long awaited domestic comeback in 2016 with the album "Home". He actively took part in promotions, showing up on various popular variety shows.


-Polaris (album, August 16, 2001): Falling In Love, Longing, Polaris, Thanks God (Thanks 8), My Life, Last Winter, In Your Eyes, Still..., Doobidub, I Will, Summer That Year, Blue Moon, White Face, Rainy Day
-Pine Tree (album, August 1, 2002): Spring, Happy Happy, Memories, Propose, Summer, Confession, The Best, Autumn, Memories #2, Flower, 2032 In Cuba, Winter, Nocturne, After a Breakup, Sangnuksu
-Kangta 1st Concert Pinetree (album, March 28, 2003): Opening, My Life, Best, Blue Moon, One Snowing Day, Doobidub, Falling In Love, Happy Happy, Confession, Summer That Year, I Love You For Sentimental Reason, Dream A Little Dream, Polaris, Wild Flower, Light, Happiness, Memories #2, Memories, Sangnuksu
-Persona (album, March 4, 2005): Persona, Illusion, Agape, Paralysis, Just One Day, No More Than My Dream, Reminiscence #1, Blue Snow, Always, Prayer
-Kangta Sentimental Journey (Repackage) (album, October 11, 2005): Mask, Illusion, Agape, Paralysis, Just One Day, Just a Dream, Reminiscence #1, Blue Snow, Always, Prayer, Intro, Kang's Image Diary, In Asia Promotion, Persona, Wall Paper/Screen Saver
-Scandal (with Vanness) (album, May 19, 2006): Scandal, 127day, Good Vibration, One Day, Faint
-Scandal (Repackage) (with Vanness) (album, July 19, 2006): Scandal, 127day, Good Vibration, One Day, Faint
-Eternity (album, March 12, 2008): Eternity, Still With You, Reminiscence, Since You've Gone, 7989 (feat. Taeyeon), Still My Heart
-Arrow (soundtrack for drama "Athena: Goddess of War", January 18, 2011)
-Magic (with Shin Seung-hoon, Baek Ji-young, Gil) (single, February 11, 2012)
-Home Chapter 1(album, November 3, 2016): If I Told Ya, Diner, Calling Out For Your, Love Is Coming, Marry You (feat. Young-jun of Brown Eyed Soul)
-Theme of Prontera (soundtrack for drama "The Memory of Ragnarok", July 3, 2017)