Members: Brian Joo Hwanhee
Record Label: MBK Entertainment
Associated acts: F-ve Dolls, IOI
Debut: 1999, “Day by Day”


Fly to the Sky is a South Korean R&B duo, consisting of Korean-American Brian Joo and South Korean native Hwanhee. The group was initially marketed as a duo that can sing, dance and rap. Although their earlier works featured bubblegum pop and techno, the duo later changed the image and style with the release of “Sea of Love” in 2002. With subsequent albums, the duo solidified their status as R&B artists and is credited as the first R&B duo of South Korea. The duo recently made a comeback with the EP “Your Season” after a two year hiatus.


-Back in Time (Best, 2014.9.13)
-Continuum (Full length, 2014.5.20)
-Decennium (Full length, 2009.1.29)
-Recollection (Remake, 2008.4.23)
-No Limitations (Full length, 2007.7.4)
-Transition (Full length, 2005.12.20)
-Eternity: Best Album (Best, 2005.5.20)
-Gravity (Full length, 2004.11.5)
-1st Live Concert Unforgettable (Live, 2004.4.26)
-Missing You (Full length, 2003.7.7)
-Sea of Love (Full length, 2002.4.26)
-Promise (Full length, 2001.2.2)

-Fly to the Sky (Full length, 1999.12.14)
-Your Season (EP, 2017.11.15)
-Love & Hate (EP, 2015.9.14)