Members: Jungyup, Naul Youngjun, Sung Hoon
Labels: In Next Trend
Debut: Sept. 2003

Brown Eyed Soul is a four-member R&B group which debuted in 2003 with their debut album “Soul Free.” The single “I Would Love” from their debut album was an instant hit. The members include Jungyup, Naul, Youngjun and Sung Hoon and the group is recognized not only for their vocal talent but also for their songwriting skills and for continuing to pursue soul, which is not considered to be a mainstream genre in Korea’s music industry.

Brown Eyed Soul 4th Album “Soul Cooke” (Full length, Dec. 2015)
Thank Your Soul – Side A (Full length, Feb. 2014)
Browneyed Soul (Full length, Nov. 2010)
The Wind, The Sea, The Rain (Full length, Oct. 2007)
Soul Free (Full length, Sept. 2003)
Brown Eyed Soul Live Album “Soul Fever” (Live, Dec. 2011)
Brown Eyed Soul Christmas Concert Live 2007 (Live, Dec. 2008)
Brown Eyed Soul Single Project 4th “Come With Me Girl” (EP, May 2015)