DOB: November 11, 1964
Labels: Hook Entertainment
Debut: 1984

Lee Sun-hee is a talented singer who debuted in 1984 with the song “To J.” In Korea, she is widely regarded as one of the most successful and skilled vocalists which has earned her the nicknames “National Diva” and “Queen of Female Vocalists.” The singer has revealed that Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Whitney Houston and Korean vocalists Song Chang-sik as her influences. Lee is known for her warm, lyric-soprano voice with steady lows and strong highs. She has been writing many of the songs in her later albums including the celebrated single “Fate.”

Studio Albums
Lee Sun-hee Carols Remastered (Nov. 2016)
Serendipity, 30th Anniversary Album (March 2014)
Dear Love… (Feb. 2009)
Puberty: Spring in my 40s (April 2005)
Dream of Ruby (Nov. 1998)
First Love (Oct. 1996)
Chrysanthemum (March 1994)
Small Boat (Aug. 1992)
If You Love Me (July 1991)
Turning the Pages of Memories (Aug. 1990)
Bout of Laughter (1989)
I Want to Know (Aug. 1988)
I Always Miss You (Feb. 1988)
Lee Sun-hee 3rd Remastered (Nov. 1986)
Lee Sun-hee 2nd Remastered (Nov. 1985)
Lee Sun-hee 1st Remastered (Jan. 1985)
Ah! The Good Old Days (Jan. 1985)
Our Story (Nov. 1991)

Best Albums & Live
30th Anniversary Lee Sunhee Live (Dec. 2014)
Fate (June 2007)
Lee Sunhee Golden (Oct. 2005)
Passionate Singing Lee Sunhee (Jan. 2002)
Golden (Oct. 1996)
My Life+Best (March, 2001)
Lee Sunhee Best (May, 1995)
Lee Sun Hee & Montreal Chamber Orchestra (Nov. 1990)

EPs, Singles & Remakes
Le Dernier A’more; Last Love (Remake, May 2018)
To the Happy Land (Single, Aug. 2015)