Members: Jenny, Gunji, Seorin
Past members; Hyemin, Heeyoung, Misty, Sihyeon
Record Label: Good Fellas Entertainment
Debut: 2005


Gavy NJ is a pop ballad female trio that debuted in 2005. The current members are Jenny, Gunji and Seorin but the group went through some member changes throughout the years. Original members Hyemin, Heeyoung and Sihyun departed from the group in 2009, 2011 and 2016 respectively and were replaced by new members.


-The Very First (Full length, Nov. 2005)
-The Very Surprise (Full length, Nov., 2006)
-The Beginning (Full length, May 2008)
-A Final Reminder (Best, Dec. 2008)
-Sunflower (Full length, Jan. 2010)
-Gavy Effect (Full length, May, 2011)
-Snow Man (Digital single, Jan. 2006)
-Snow Man Part 2: The White (Single, Dec. 2006)
-It Doesn’t Look Like Love (Single, July, 2008)
-Romance Novel (Single, Jan. 2009)
-Twilight (Single, May, 2009)
-Heartbreak Hotel (EP, Sept. 2009)
-Let’s Stop (Digital single, Sept. 2010)
-Glossy (EP, Nov. 2010)
-Soul Train Part. 1 (Digital single, March, 2011)
-Vive L’Amour (Single, April, 2011)
-Soul Train Part. 2 (Digital single, July 2011)
-Go Away (Single, Nov. 2011)
-You Call Yourself a Man (Single, Feb. 2012)
-Don’t Call Me (Single, May, 2012)
-Cleaning (Single, Aug. 2012)
-On the Boulevard (Single, Sept. 2012)
-Gavish (EP, Oct. 2012)
-Farewell Theater (Single, April, 2013)
-Tears Fill Up (Single, Nov. 2013)
-How Are You? (Single, March, 2014)
-Let Me Love You (Single, May, 2014)
-Very Sad feat. Hip Job (Single, Sept. 2014)
-Gavy NJ The 6th Album Part 2. “She” (EP, Oct. 2014)
-Ju Ju Ju feat. Hip Job (Single, April, 2015)
-Just Friends (Single, July, 2015)
-Thank You (Single, Oct. 2015)
-Gavy NJ’s 7th Album Part 1. “Hello” (EP, Nov. 2015)
-Between Us (Single, May, 2016)
-Shubirubirub (Single, July, 2016)
-Did You Feel Sorry For Me (Single, Dec. 2016)
-An Obvious Melo (EP, Feb. 2017)
-You Said You Were Happy (Single, Oct. 2017)