Current members: Lee Jin-sung
Record label: MondayKiz Company
Debut: 2005

Monday Kiz (Korean: 먼데이 키즈) is a South Korean boy band formed in 2005. The group originally consisted of two members: Lee Jin-sung and Im Min-soo. However, with the death of Im Min-soo due to a fatal motorcycle accident in 2008, two new members (Han Seung-hee, Im Han-byeol) were added to the group. The group went on hiatus after releasing their last full-length album “Unfinished” in 2013 as leader Lee Jin-sung enlisted for mandatory military service. After finishing his mandatory military service in 2016, Lee Jin-sung is attempting to carry on a solo career.

Unfinished (Full length, 2013)
Nostalgia (Remake, 2012)
Ru:t; (Full length, 2010)
Recollection (Best, 2008)
Inside Story (Full length, 2008)
El Condor Pasa (Full length, 2007)
MondayKiz First One…Bye Bye Bye (Full length, 2005)