Real name: Kim Hyung-soo
D.O.B: Dec. 30, 1981
Labels: Big Hit Entertainment, Starship Entertainment
Debut: 2007
Associated Acts: Starship Planet

Kim Hyung-soo, better known by his stage name K. Will, is a singer who started off as a vocal guide. He became known to the public through his single “Dream” from the original sound track for the drama “A Love to Kill” in 2006. In 2007 he released his debut album, “Left Heart.” K.Will is known for his collaborations with a wide variety of artists as well as drama soundtracks.

Left Heart (Studio, March 2007)
Missing You (Studio, Nov. 2009)
The Third Album Part 1 (Studio, Oct. 2012)
The Third Album Part 2 “Love Blossom” (Studio, April 2013)
The 4th Album Part 1 “Nonfiction” (Studio, Sept. 2017)
Dropping the Tears (EP, March 2009)
My Heart Beating (EP, March 2011)
I Need You (EP, Feb. 2012)
Will In Fall (EP, Oct. 2013)
One Fine Day (EP, June 2014)
[RE:] (EP, March 2015)