Debut: 2012

Member: Cory
Real nae: Hong Joo-hyun
Physique: 175 cm, 58 kg
Debut: 2012

Member: Choi Kisu
Physique: 179 cm, 60 kg
Debut: 2012

Member: Kim Jeong-wook
Physique: 178 cm, 58 kg

Member: Kim Jin-hong
Physique: 180 cm, 56 kg

Member: Hui
Real name: Yang Hui
Physique: 178 cm, 57 kg
Debut: 2015

Member: Chang-sung
Physique: 179 cm, 58 kg
Debut: 2016

Member: Hong-seop
Physique: 177 cm, 58 kg
Debut: 2016


24K (read two-four-K) first debuted in 2012. It had member changes along the way, losing a few original members and adding a few new members. As of 2017, the group has seven members (as listed above), including a Chinese member named Hui.

24K has transitioned as artists dabbling in diverse genres over the years. Originally, 24K released softer acoustic songs. They then experimented with a "hard rock" guitar sound. 24K has also released songs with pop, trance, dubstep, industrial, hip hop, and electronic flair.

The group has performed in many countries outside of Korea, including all across Europe.


-Hurry(album, September 6, 2012): It's Time 24K, Hurry, Secret Love, WoA
-U R So Cute(album, August 1, 2013):U R So Cute, How Much, No More
-Pretty Today(single, April 13, 2017)
-Super Fly(album, October 1, 2015):Heaven, Super Fly, Run, OASIS, Pretty Today
-Still 24K(single, August 11, 2016)
-The Real One (album, October 22, 2016):Bingo, It's a Secret-24U, But I Love You, Still 24K, Super Fly, Run, OASIS, Heaven, Pretty Today, Secret Love
-Addiction(single, May 27, 2017):Only You, Been You