Korean name: Shin Hyun-hee & Kim Root
Debut: 2014
Members: Kim Root (bass), Shin Hyun-hee (vocals, guitar)


Seenroot is an indie duo that is made up of Kim Root and Shin Hyun-hee. They have an acoustic/folk style. Shin's unique vocals immediately sets them apart from other groups. Their lyrics are also humorous, witty, simple, yet relatable.

The group remained relatively unknown until a popular internet broadcast jockey did a cover of their song "Sweetheart" in 2017. Their song suddenly caught on like wildfire. Their song started climbing up the music charts, years after it's release.

The two then immediately became a recognized indie act in Korea.


-Cap Song (single, April 4, 2014)
-Shin Hyun-hee & Kim Root (album, February 26, 2015): Shin Hyun-hee & Kim Root, Sweetheart, Cap Song, The Day The House Was Empty, Comfortable Song, Wings
-Wings (acoustic) (single, April 16, 2015)
-Why Are You Slapping Me, Mom (single, August 28, 2015)
-Unrequited Love Is Hard (single, October 12, 2015)
-Fate Is Usually Just Whatever (single, May 13, 2016)
-Seenroot In Wonderland (album, June 15, 2016): Shouldn't Have, Fate Is Usually Just Whatever, Him and I, Hongdae Blues, Child, Interstellar, Home, Road, Picnic, Unrequited Love Is Hard, Why Are You Slapping Me Mom
-YOLO (single, July 12, 2016)
-No Worry (soundtrack single for "Oh My Geum-bi", November 17, 2016)
-Diehard (single, December 16, 2016)
-Rollercoaster (soundtrack single for "Chief Kim", March 10, 2017)