Date of birth: December 3, 1982
Physique: 180 cm, 68 kg
Debut: 2007


Hwang Chi-yeol is a talented male singer that went through his periods of hardships before finally making his name known in the music and entertainment realm of Korea.

Hwang grew up in South Gyeongsang Province, but left his hometown to pursue his dream of becoming a singer in the big city of Seoul. He released an album in 2007, making his official debut. Unfortunately, his debut went unnoticed and he spent many years as a struggling artist.

Hwang tried to get by working as a vocal instructor. He taught some that later went on to become big singers.

Hwang got his ultimate break when he was featured on the popular variety show "I Can See Your Voice" in 2015. His good looks and talented singing got noticed by many. He soon went on to guest on other variety shows. He impressed people with his beautiful covers of popular songs.

Hwang went on to take part on the Chinese variety show "I'm a Singer Season 4". He blew China away with his voice.

Hwang finally reached a point where he could release his own music to an audience that wanted it. His wit and down-to-earth personality also made him a regular on many variety shows.


-Chi-yeol (album, February 13, 2007):Goodbye My Love, Just Once, The Words Just Friends), Long Long Time
-Five Senses (album, June 5, 2007): Again, Just Once, You Should Be Happy, Wait and See, The Words Just Friends, The Day We Break Up, Don't Eat Alone, Propose, Goodbye My Love, On The Back of the Hand You Wrapped, Long Long Time, Father
-Sky Way(soundtrack single for "Dae Poong Su", January 29, 2013)
-South Gyeongsang Province Man(single, December 10, 2014)
-Hold Onto the End of This Night(with leeSA) (single, June 29, 2015)
-Pencil(soundtrack single for "Mrs. Cop", September 1, 2015)
-Can't Live Without You(single, April 26, 2016)
-Fall In, Girl Vol. 1 (single, October 12, 2016): Firefly (with Lil Boi)
-Miss You I Miss You(soundtrack single for "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds", October 18, 2016)
-Fall In, Girl Vol. 2 (single, November 30, 2016): Mellow (with Solar)
-Fall In, Girl Vol. 3 (single, February 21, 2017): Our Story (with Kassy)
-A Little While(soundtrack single for "Gunju", May 24, 2017)
-Be Ordinary(album, June 13, 2017): Prologue, With You, A Daily Song, Angle, One Spring Day, Goodbye..., Alone