Real name: Kim Yong-seon
Date of birth: February 21, 1991
Physique: 163 cm, 45 kg
Associated group: MAMAMOO
Debut: 2014


Solar debuted as a member of the group MAMAMOO in 2014. MAMAMOO was touted as one of the strongest debut acts for that year with a style uniquely their own.

Solar was already recognized as a member of the group, which only grew in popularity every year, however she started to become her own entity through her roles on variety shows.

She was a masked singer on the popular singing program "King of Masked Singer", where she proved her vocal talents. She was also a virtual married couple with singer Eric Nam on the popular and long-running variety show "We Got Married". The pretend-couple even won the Best Couple Award at the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2016.


-Solar Emotions Part 1 (single, October 23, 2015): I've Been Living Like a Fool
-Solar Emotions Part 2 (single, December 11, 2015): Longing Is Just Piling
-Solar Emotions Part 3 (single, July 12, 2016): In My Dreams
-Honey Bee (with Luna, Hani) (single, January 19, 2017)