Debut: 2016

Member: Youngbin
Date of birth: November 23, 1993

Member: Inseong
Date of birth: July 12, 1993

Member: Jaeyoon
Date of birth: August 9, 1994

Member: Dawon
Date of birth: July 24, 1995

Member: Rowoon
Date of birth: August 7, 1996

Member: Zuho
Date of birth: July 4, 1996

Member: Taeyang
Date of birth: February 28, 1997

Member: Hwiyoung
Date of birth: May 11, 1999

Member: Chanhee (aka Chani)
Date of birth: January 17, 2000


SF9 is the first dance group to come out of FNC Entertainment, an agency mainly known for producing bands. The members of the group took part in FNC Entertainment's survival show in May of 2016, forming a team called Neoz Dance Team which ultimately won the show with their first track K.O.

Neoz Dance Team went on to be called SF9, making their official debut in October of the same year. Despite being complete rookies, the group's single release "Fanfare" made a few waves on domestic music charts.

Their first mini album released in 2017 was titled "Burning Sensation" featuring the powerful title track "Roar".

SF9's official fan club was formed in 2017, called Fantasy.


-Feeling Sensation (single, October 5, 2016): Fanfare, KO, Together
-So Beautiful (single, December 22, 2016)
-Burning Sensation (album, February 6, 2017): Tell Me What It Is, Roar, Still My Lady, Shut Up N' Lemme Go, 4 Step, Jungle Game