Debut: 2015

Member: BM
Date of birth: October 20, 1992

Member: J.seph
Date of birth: June 21, 1992

Member: Jeon So-min
Date of birth: August 22, 1996
Other associated groups: Japanese group "Puretty", "April" (until November 2016)

Member: Jeon Ji-woo
Date of birth: October 4, 1996


K.A.R.D is a mixed-gender group under DSP Media. Technically the group has debuted, being they released music in 2016, but their official debut is to follow after the release of three pre-debut project singles.

The name K.A.R.D refers to each member being assigned a letter or card. The last letter "D" symbolizes a hidden card, where other artists will feature as a "hidden" member of the group. For example, former KARA member Heo Young-ji featured on the K.A.R.D's first release "Oh Nana".

J.seph has the letter "A", as he is the group's ace card. BM has the letter K, representing the king card. Jeon So-min, who has prior experience as members of group April and Japanese group Puretty, has the "R" card, for blackjokeR. Jeon Ji-woo also shares the "R" card, representing coloredjokeR.


-K.A.R.D Project Vol. 1 Oh Nana (feat. Hidden Heo Young-ji) (single, December 13, 2016)
-K.A.R.D Project Vol. 2 Don't Recall (single, February 16, 2017)