Real name: Kim Won-shik
Date of birth: February 15, 1993
Physique: 183 cm, 65 kg
Education: Howon University (Musical studies)
Debut: 2012 through the group VIXX
Other affiliated groups: VIXX, VIXX LR


Ravi became a finalist on the reality survival TV show "MyDol". That clinched his spot in the new idol group under Jellyfish Entertainment called VIXX.

Ravi dabbled in some acting (for his labelmates' music videos; Brian's "Let This Die" and Seo In-gook's "Shake It Up"). He also tried out for the rap survival show "Show Me the Money 4, but unfortunately got eliminated in the second round.

Ravi's hip hop and rap talents led him to make his solo debut in 2017 with his first solo album.


-Jelly Box DamnRa Ravi (single, July 14, 2016): DamnRa (feat. Sam&SP3CK)
-RAVI 1st Mini Album R.EAL1ZE (album, January 9, 2017): Bomb (feat. San E), Rose (feat. Ken of VIXX), Ladi Dadi (feat. Microdot, Jero), Home Alone (feat. Jung Yong-hwa), Do the Dance, Lean On Me, Mobius Strip of the Brain (feat. ESBEE)