Members: Hong Hyuk-soo, Ra Kyung-won
Labels: Neverland Entertainment
Debut: 2014

G. Urban is a male R&B duo made up of Hong Hyuk-soo and Ra Kyung-won. The group debuted in 2014 through the single, “Feel So Good.” The group recently made a comeback with a new remake of Hareem’s debut song “Love Taller than Height.”

Love Taller than Height (Single, 2018)
Just Friend (Single, 2017)
Sweet Salty Date Part. 2 (Single, 2017)
I’ll Give It to You (Single, 2017)
I Like Coffee (Single, 2016)
Falling In (Single, 2015)
Home Alone (Single, 2014)
Christmas with You (Single, 2014)
Feel So Good (Single, 2014)