Debut: 2017
All members previously members of the group "BEAST" (debuted in 2009)

Member: Yoon Doo-joon
Date of birth: July 4, 1989
Physique: 178 cm, 66 kg
Debut: 2009 through BEAST
Award: 2010 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards "Male Rookie In Comedy"

Member: Yong Jun-hyung
Date of birth: December 19, 1989
Physique: 178 cm, 64 kg
Debut: 2009 through BEAST
Other associated groups: BEAST, Good Life

Member: Yang Yo-seop
Date of birth: January 5, 1990
Physique: 170 cm, 57 kg
Debut: 2009 through BEAST

Member: Lee Ki-kwang
Date of birth: March 30, 1990
Physique: 170.8 cm, 58 kg
Debut: 2009 as "AJ"
Awards: 2011 MBC Drama Awards "Male Rookie In Mini Series"

Member: Son Dong-woon
Date of birth: June 6, 1991
Physique: 181 cm, 64 kg


The members of Highlight made their fresh and eager debut in 2017. Yet, they are already veterans in the k-pop industry. The former members of the mega-popular and successful group BEAST left their agency CUBE Entertainment in 2017. The five members set up their own agency called Around Us Entertainment and came up with a new group name (CUBE still had the copyright over the group name BEAST). Highlight was born and maybe it's the "new" image? The group was more popular than ever, scoring multiple number one wins on music chart programs with their "debut" title track "Plz Don't Be Sad".

The guys have been through a lot since before their debut. The public followed along the members' pre-debut struggles via a reality show that covered their trainee days. The members all experienced rejection, being turned down from groups that later went on to become household names (i.e. Big Bang, 2PM, 2AM, etc.). However, success found them all in due time. The members had finally made their debut as BEAST in 2009. They became one of the most popular boy idol groups in Korea. They boasted top selling albums, number one hit tracks, and sold-out concerts.

The Highlight members are no strangers to Korean entertainment. All of them are frequently seen on variety shows and dramas. Rapper Yong Jun-hyung plays a big role in production and song composition. Many of the songs they released as a group (be it BEAST or Highlight) had Yong's contributions made to them.


-Can You Feel It? (album, March 20, 2017): Plz Don't Be Sad, It's Still Beautiful, Start, Dangerous, Can You Feel It?