Korean name: Kim Tae-hyung
Date of birth: February 11, 1988
Education: Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies (International Management Studies)
Debut: 2014


Paul Kim auditioned on the MBC "Star Audition". He made his official debut in Korea in 2014.

Paul sings a lot of medium-tempo ballads. His music is soothing and the perfect music to have on in the background while you go about your work.

The talented singer and songwriter grew up in different countries around the world. He derives his music inspiration from his experiences.


-Want To Grab a Cup of Coffee? (single, January 21, 2014)
-Ex (single, June 11, 2014)
-Clumsy Expectation (single, August 6, 2015)
-I'm Just Listening To You (with 1sagain) (single, August 31, 2015)
-Isn't It Hot? (single, October 20, 2015)
-#Dearmuse #201512 #PinkRibbon (single, December 7, 2015): Christmas Love
-Push(with SLEEQ) (single, December 15, 2015)
-Song Diary (album, March 25, 2016): Fallin', The Warning of You, Letter, Not Over Yet, Dream
-Rain (single, June 21, 2016)
-Dear My Love(single, October 7, 2016): My Love
-Thinking of You (with Sool J, Ultima) (single, November 13, 2016)
-Her (album, December 28, 2016): Say You Love Me (feat. Oneul), Her, The Meaning of Love, Break-Up, Spell
-Wanna Love You (single, March 27, 2017)