Real name: Kwon Hyuk=woo
Date of birth: December 25, 1989
Physique: 175 cm, 69 kg
Debut: 2012


There's a stereotypical image of rappers in Korea (and perhaps worldwide), that they're very honest and express themselves freely. However, in the case of the young rapper Loco, he's the complete opposite. He puts thought behind each and every word that comes out of his mouth, and frankly, is uncomfortable talking candidly for interviews and such.

This is actually the very reason he became a rapper. Because he felt he was so lacking in organizing and expressing his thoughts, he started taking the time to perfect them and write them down before rapping them freely on stage.

He would perform for festivals for his school at Hongik University, but it wasn't really taking him anywhere. That's when he saw a poster for the rapping competition show "Show Me The Money". He entered. Ultimately, he won.

He decided on the name "Loco", which means "crazy", because though he's careful in every other situation, on stage, that's when he can let go and convey all his honest thoughts to people.

Loco is signed under AOMG, a label headed by rapper/singer Jay Park. Loco has established himself as a true hip hop artist. He has gone from contestant on the show Show Me the Money to judge and producer on it. He's definitely one of the most notable and promising hip hop artists in his generation.


-See The Light (single, September 4, 2012)See The Light (feat. Gray)

-No More(single, December 21, 2012)No More (feat. Crush)

-The Virus(OST, February 28, 2013)

-Take Care(single, May 15, 2013)Take Care (feat. Park Na-rae of SPICA)

-Hold Me Tight (single, March 19, 2014): Hold Me Tight (feat. Crush), No Manners (feat. Gray)
-This Song (soundtrack single for "My Lovely Girl", September 18, 2014)
-Locomotive (album, November 28, 2014): Hands Up (feat. Crush), Act Serious (feat. Ugly Duck, DJ Wegun), You Don't Know, Thinking About You (feat. Jay Park), No Manners (feat. Gray), High (feat. Konsoul), If I (feat. Gray), Growing Up (feat. ELO), Hold Me Tight (feat. Crush)
-Spring Is Gone By Chance (with Yuju of Gfriend) (soundtrack single for "Girl Who Sees Smell", April 8, 2015)
-Catch Music If You Can (single, April 21, 2015): S.O.L.O (with Bill Stax, Skull)
-Respect (with Gray & DJ Pumkin) (single, July 14, 2015)
-Awesome (single, July 28, 2015): Awesome (feat. Jay Park, Gray), Hight 2 (feat. C Jamm, Jay Park)
-You Too (feat. Cha Cha Malone) (single, April 5, 2016)
-Good (with Gray, ELO) (single, June 15, 2016)
-Say Yes (with Punch) (soundtrack single for "Moonlight Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo", August 29, 2016)
-Stay (feat. Crush) (single, November 4, 2016)
-Boys and Girls Music Vol. 1 (single, January 25, 2017): Thinkin About 'Chu (produced by Park Geun-tae)
-Bleached (album, May 25, 2017): AOMG, Movie Shoot (feat. DPR Live), So Bad (feat. Sik-K), Tiger, Like a Mouth Habit, Too Much (feat. Dean), Black Morning, Da Da Da (feat. Hoody), Stay (feat. Crush), You Too (feat. Cha Cha Malone), Forward Again (feat. Sumin)