Debut: 1998

Member: Kim Se-heon
Date of birth: June 2, 1971
Physique: 178 cm, 60 kg
Education: Korea University
Debut: 1996

Member: G.Gorilla
Real name: Go Hyun-ki
Date of birth: February 20, 1973
Physique: 176 cm, 67 kg
Education: Joongang University
Debut: 1998 through "EVE"

Member: Kim Gun
Physique: 182 cm, 66 kg
Education: Hanshin University
Debut: 1997

Member: Park Woong
Physique: 178 cm, 70 kg
Other associated groups: MeV
Education: Kyunghee University
Debut: 2013


EVE is a rock band credited as being one of the first groups to take on the visual rock/glam style genre. The group's name stems from the fact that the band was founded on Christmas Eve.

EVE was relatively successful and grew in popularity over the years with EVE's regular album releases.

The main heart of the band is Kim Se-heon. The rest of the band members changed over the years, but original members G.Gorilla, Park Woong and Kim Gun regrouped in 2017 with Kim Se-heon.

The band performed in Immortal Song in 2017, bringing them back from music history for the younger generation.


- EVE (album, April 30, 1998): Intro, Victim of Obsession, When You're Like That, Song 4 U, Today, Flower For You, Wolf Ajushi, Dreamer, Goodbye, My Girl
- Eros (album, May 6, 1999): Muse, Eve, Come On, Happy, Take My Eyes, Girl, Together, Monologue, 1:00 AM, Never Give U Up, Outro
- Fly To You (album, April 20, 2000): Muse II, Intro, Agape, Dying Young, Lover, Pray, Behind, Last Love, Forget, Fly to You, Darling, Forever
- The 4th Album (album, April 11, 2001): Intro, Muse + Want U, Mad About U, I'll Be There, Delete, Turn Up the Radio, Swear, The Betrayal, Call Me, Someday, Get Down (I'll Kill U), Wedding Cake, Voo Doo, December X, 2050, Angel
- Ever (album, November 11, 2002): Paradise, Depend on Time, City, Feeling You, She's Not Here, Finale, Tonight, Love...The Cruel Confusion, Sad Wish, Confession, Light, Unfinished Story, Now Like This
-For Your Everything (album, April 24, 2003)
- Planet Eve (album, October 30, 2003): Intro, Vampire, Love Patient, Hotel, Ghost School, One, Today, Psycho Love, Crying In the Rain, Don't Wanna Love You, Whirlpool, Bad Person, The End of Memories, Everything, Darling, One
- The History of Eve (album, June 25 2004): Intro, Whirlpool, Tonight, Depend on Time, One, City, Vampire, Hotel, Take My Eyes, Knife, I'll Be There, When You're Like That, Mad About You, Psycho Love, Ghost School Even (Don't Say Goodbye)
- Goodbye (single, 2006)
- Seventh Ending (album, May 24, 2006): R U Ready??, Adrenalin Drive, Goodbye, Beautiful Day, Rainy, Sad Paradise, Gray Forest, Day After, Fly Away, Highway Trip, Saturday Night, Lost, When You're Like That (remake)
- Play Me (album, August 28, 2007): Play Me, Get Away, Get It On, My Everything, I Hate Love, Only You're Gone, Heaven, Fallen Angel, Devil's Calling
- One Step On Earth (feat. Chung-ahn) (single, May 7, 2009)
- Guy In Revolution (single, November 23, 2010): Gloria, Stay Alive, Don't Say Goodbye (2010), Butterfly City
- Romantic Show (album, January 11, 2017): Muse, Melody (feat. Kim Hee-chul), Candle Doll, Sunshine, Crazy (Little Thing Called Love), Candle
- We Are Eve (album, July 17, 2017): Killing Monday, Muse (live version), Don't Say Goodbye (live version), Flower For You (live version), Someday (live version), Muse+Want U & Mad About U (live version), Take My Eyes (live version), When You're Like That (live version)