Full Name: Kim Minseo
DOB: April 9, 1996
Record Label: APop Entertainment


Minseo is a singer/actress who is under the label APop Entertainment which is affiliated with Yoon Jong-shin’s Mystiq Entertainment. She became famous through her appearance in the cable audition program “Superstar K” and was ranked among the TOP 8. She signed with Mystiq Entertainment afterwards and released “The Sound of You Coming” with Gain which was included in the OST for the hit film “The Handmaiden.” Minseo has not released any full length albums or EPs as of yet but collaborated with Yoon Jong-shin on some of his monthly singles released in 2016 and 2017.


2017 Monthly Yoon Jong-shin November Edition “Yes” (Single, Nov. 2017)
2016 Monthly Yoon Jong-shin November Edition “You Love You” (Single, Nov. 2016)
2016 Monthly Yoon Jong-shin October Edition “First” (single, Oct. 2016)
The Sound of You Coming with Gain (Single, June, 2016)