KBS WORLD RADIO listeners! Hello, this is Dean.

There’s been a lot of festivals this summer, and I was able to participate in many myself. The lineup for the Seoul Soul Festival has an impressive lineup of artists that even I myself love. I was surprised when I first saw the lineup. It’s going to be so great to perform alongside such amazing artists. I’m looking forward to it.

This is from Kei in Indonesia. If you could hold a concert anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’ve been able to go to many different cities through my concerts, but I have yet to go to Europe. I really want to go to Paris, France. There’s so much to see and check out while there. I definitely want to visit Paris, France.

Any fans of my music in France, I hope to meet you one day. I’d appreciate it if you guys showed my music lots of love and support.

This is from Lilis Widarti in Indonesia. If you could go back in time, which legendary artist would you want to write a song for?

Michael Jackson would be the best. But I think it’d be too difficult to reach him. There’s a female R&B artist named Aaliyah. I’d love to work with her. Aaliyah was so talented and sang so well, but she passed away before her time from a sudden accident. So, many artists still honor her with tribute songs. I would love to work with an artist like her.

This is from English broadcast listener, Zoe Niall. Which is your favorite song that you’re listening to these days. Please recommend a song.

It’s an old song I listen to every summer: “Venus” by Shocking Blue. There’s also a song called “She’s Long Gone” by The Black Keys. Even though I’m an R&B artist, I seek out rock music during the summer. So I recommend those songs.

This is from Yong Hyun-joo in Indonesia. What advice would you give to aspiring singers?

Your “color” is so important. It’s the case for any job, but to know your “weapon” and know what “color” or style you have is crucial in this day and age. So I think it’s important to make and develop your own color. And this is advice for not just aspiring singers, but anyone pursuing their dreams. I want to tell them to keep believing in themselves as they move forward. I’m cheering for you.

This is from the Filipino fan club, Dean Philippines. Please let us know about “Fancy Child”.

Fancy Child is a crew that was created by Zico, Penomeco, Crush, Stay Tune and myself. These are the people that met together a lot to hung out, and drink together. We started this movement, thinking it would be good for us to create a good movement. It’s too early to say that we have a specific identity. I think it’s better to let people know of what we plan to do in the future.

This is from Estella in Spain. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

My favorite movie is director Michel Gondry’s style of a love story with a unique and new twist. As for soundtracks, my favorite is the Star Wars soundtrack. Because when I listen to the songs, I think of the vast outer space. It fits Star Wards perfectly and so I really like it.

This is from Olivia in the USA. You’re known to look like Lee Bum-soo’s song Da-eul! What do you think of that?

Da-eul is so cute and when I first saw Da-eul’s photo, I was shocked because he looked so much like me when I was young. He’s so adorable. I hope he continues to grow well.

Da-eul! I don’t know what you’ll grow up to be. I don’t know if we’ll ever meet in the future. Listen to your parents and keep growing. Let’s meet up one day! Bye!

This is from Natalie Doggett in the US. When you go to the club, what kind of dance do you do? Show us!

When I go to the club…people who’ve gone with me know this, but I don’t do anything. If I go to the club, I just kind of bounce my head along to the music. Club music is very rhythmic and fast.

I’m working on an album I plan to release called “130 mood: JUNGLE”. I really hope to meet you all through a new album some time this year. I would appreciate your love and support for this upcoming album and other future songs.

KBS World Radio listeners,
This has been Dean. Thank you!

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