We are back with our new song “Shooting Love” Please introduce it.

“Shooting Love”, off our first mini album, is about shooting the arrow of love at the person you love. It’s filled with LABOUM’s bright and positive energy so please show it lots of love.

This is from Nguyễn Phương Quang in Vietnam. What was the most memorable part of preparing for “Shooting Love”?

Haein: It would have to be our music video shoot, which lasted three days.
Soyeon: It took two days.
Haein: I remember it to have been a little over two days. Since our debut, it was a record.
Solbin: During those days, we spent half a day shooting just the group dance part. I think that made it all the more memorable.
Yujeong: And we were preparing for our comeback right in the middle of an intense heat wave. We all suffered from symptoms from being out in the heat.

This is from Estela in Peru. Which member has the most “aegyo”? (“aegyo” refers to a cute, baby-talk type of charm)

All: 1, 2, 3! Yujeong!
Soyeon: Despite the fact that Yujeong is the oldest, she has a very young-looking face. Maybe that’s why, but she has a lot of aegyo.
Haein: Who do you think, Yulhee?
Yulhee: It’s not as expected, but I think it’s ZN. She actually has a lot of aegyo. She has aegyo in her everyday behavior.
ZN: Really? I guess that’s what people say.
Haein: If you ask her to show off her aegyo, she can’t.
Solbin: That’s right. If you ask for it, she can’t.
Soyeon: She’s the type where if you set the stage for her, she can’t do it. But in everyday situations, she’ll be like “ZN is hungry”, speaking about herself in the third person. She’s like, “ZN is hungry. Gum please!”. Really. This is the truth.
Haein: So basically ZN is odd…

Staff: Then who’s the person with the least aegyo?

Solbin: Soyeon! She doesn’t have any aegyo normally, and even less of it in an official setting.
Yujeong: She’s nervous, afraid you’ll ask her to show you some [aegyo].
Soyeon: Yup, I’m staying quiet, afraid I’ll be asked to show aegyo.

This is from Jamie Vy in Vietnam. What is your source of strength and energy while you’re working?

ZN: The stage. It’s the stage. Even if we’re tired and exhausted, five minutes before we go on stage, we become noisy. Don’t you agree? So I think it’s the stage.
Soyeon: We gather together and get our energy up by cheering, “Fighting! Fighting! Get together…LABOUM!”
(Group cheer before going on stage)
Solbin: For me personally, I get my energy from the people around me. It’s because I lean on my members a lot. From Yulhee giving ZN a massage or chattering while eating, we give each other strength and energy.

This is from Priscilla Nutten in France. What kind of music do you want to attempt in the future?

Haein: Oh~ This is pretty important.
Soyeon: This is a very important question. We like upbeat music, but we also really like acoustic music. Something more mellow…
Haein: Medium tempo.
Soyeon: We like music that sings in a whispering type of style to a medium tempo. We plan to have music like that on our future albums.

This is from Tuyết Ngân Nguyễn in Vietnam. If your agency were to give you time off, where would each member want to go?

Haein: This is something we all agree on, but if we were given a vacation, we’d all want to go home to rest, eat well, and spend time with our families. And then if we were given another vacation, we’d want to spend time with one another doing something fun.
Yujeon: Jeju Island!
Soyeon: It doesn’t matter where. Jeju Island would be great too…
Haein: Somewhere blue and cool…
ZN: Somewhere with open space…
Yulhee: Somewhere where the air is fresh!
Solbin: For me, it’s Guam!
ZN: For me, it’s Hawaii!
Solbin: There’s so many.
Yujeong: Wherever it may be, let’s go!

This is from Ita Melani in Indonesia. What are LABOUM’s future hopes?

Soyeon: This is a very important question.
Solbin: I have one! No matter how successful you are, your health is most important. I hope LABOUM becomes a number one group for many years to come, all the while maintaining our health. Never changing. I hope LABOUM holds lots of concerts, gets to eat together with our fans, give our parents money, and just live happily.
Haein: I have a real hope for us. I sincerely hope we can all go to a Korean buffet and eat to our heart’s content with no regret.
Soyeon: How simple.
ZN: I want to enjoy the little things. Really.

 ★ Mission IS Possible: Rock, Paper Scissors ★
 1. You will be given 60 seconds for all six members to beat our staff member. (Two opportunities will be given)
 2. If you succeed, you can pick a prize. If you fail, you must follow through with a penalty act!

 Solbin: Shall we do a LABOUM cheer?
 Yujeong: Why am I so nervous? Why am I nervous to do rock, paper, scissors?
 Staff: Ready, go!

 [Mission takes place..]
 Staff: Stop! Time’s up!
 Soyeon: Why is this so hard…

 [Mission Failed. Penalty Act: Aegyo Relay]
 ZN: The laugh lines around my mouth…

We LABOUM are currently promoting our song “Shooting Love”, and each member is also doing individual activities. Please show us lots of love and check us out.

This has been LABOUM. Thank you!

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