We’ve made our comeback with our sixth mini album “Infinite Only”. Our title song is “The Eye” and it’s a jam-packed Infinite album containing a total of seven songs. It’s our first album in a year and two months so please show it lots of love.

This question is from Siti Martina in Indonesia. One of your songs is called “The Eye”, and it is also making reference to a person’s eye. Which member do each of you think has the nicest eyes?

Sung-gyu: Everyone each say their answer. Why don’t you start, Woo-hyun?
Woo-hyun: I think I have the nicest eyes.
Sung-gyu: Woo-hyun thinks it’s him.
L: I think Sung-jong’s [contact] lenses are nice.
Sung-gyu: Not lenses. Eyes! Eyes!
L: I still think it’s lenses, because they change every day.
Sung-gyu: I think Dong-woo has the nicest eyes. I think they’ll come out soon.
Sung-yeol: Like pop out?
Dong-woo: When it comes to eyes, I think L has the nicest eyes.
Woo-hyun: They really are nice.
Sung-jong: I think all six members, excluding me, all have pretty eyes. I want them. The eyes of all six of them.
Hoya: I also think everyone, except Sung-jong has nice eyes. Just kidding. I think the first snow (*”snow” and “eye” sound the same in Korean) is the nicest…
For me…let’s see…
Woohyun: You’re disqualified.
Sung-gyu: Disqualified.
Sung-jong: Take our your lenses and come here. Sung-yeol’s eyes!
Sung-yeol: For me, I think Sung-jong has the nicest eyes. I think color lenses that change every day are nice.

This is from Jossy Hilario in Peru. Which part of the choreography for “The Eye” do each of you like the best?

Dong-woo: They want to see it. Our dance.
Woohyun: “After the breakup that can’t happen” is my favorite part.
Dong-woo: Ah~ Break up, break up, break up. L, what about you?
L: I also agree.
Sung-gyu: For me, like hitting a drum…
Infinite: Boom chika boom.
Hoya: Such a choreography exists?
Sung-gyu: I changed it up a little in a cute way.
Woo-hyun: You just made your own dance.
Dong-woo: For me, it’s the last part. It’s the part where we dance all together. If you’ve watched us perform, you’ll know what part I’m talking about. That’s the part I like.
Sung-jong: I personally think it’s the last dance break. The choreography where we stretch it out is the coolest.
Hoya: For me, it’s not so much choreography, but Sung-jong’s part where he sings “You were so beautiful” and wrings his neck.
Sung-jong: Show us!

Sung-gyu: Are you okay?
Hoya: What I’m worried about is that this guy is someone who gets overly excited on stage.
Sung-gyu: I noticed he had bruises on his neck.
Hoya: One wrong move and I’m afraid his Adam’s apple will pop out.
Sung-gyu: Look here. There’s a bruise because he twisted his neck too hard.
Hoya: Be gentle.
Woo-hyun: Didn’t you say you pulled a muscle?
Sung-yeol: For me, there’s a dance during Dong-woo’s part where we all grab Dong-woo. I think that part is quite impactful.
Dong-woo: Sometimes their touch feels very warm.

This question is from Janie Ahk. What has changed since you were rookies? Let us know the difference for each member individually and for the group as a whole. “The Eye”, fighting!

Woo-hyun: The biggest change since we were rookies is our appearance! We were good looking as newbies too, but we shine even more now. We definitely can’t deny that looks have improved. My looks.
Dong-woo: What about for Infinite as a whole?
Woo-hyun: We’ve all gotten better looking as a whole.
Dong-woo: A difference for Infinite as a whole regarding our promotions this time is that we’ve gotten more comfortable in our activities. It’s because we now know the system and how it all works. Whether we have an interview, or whatever promotional activities, we can change our outlook/attitude accordingly and it’s all more comfortable and easy. I think that’s the biggest difference. Does anyone have anything else?
Woo-hyun: One big change is that before, we didn’t really like or love each other. Now, we love each other. Thank you. I love you guys.
Dong-woo: He texts us, “I love you”. Really.
Woo-hyun: We’ve become tighter.
Hoya: I wish you wouldn’t text such things.
Woo-hyun: I wish he wouldn’t do such things.

This is from Daniella Sotirova in Bulgaria. Which track do each of you like the best off this album?

Dong-woo: For me, on this album, it’s “One Day”.
L: I also like “One Day”.
Sung-gyu: Then I’ll go with something different. I like “Thank You”.
Dong-woo: I’ll pick something different. Track number one, “Eternity”.
Sung-jong: I like “True Love”.
Dong-woo: I thought you were gonna say the same thing as me.
Sung-gyu: This guy, ever since he was in middle school, he didn’t go to school often.
Sung-jong: That’s not true!
Sung-gyu: Just think of him as a foreigner.
Sung-jong: Just throw me under the bus, why don’t you.
Hoya: I like “One Day”. Sung-jong uses the “One Day” colored contact lenses.
Sung-yeol: I like our title song “The Eye” the best.

(singing “One Day”)

This is from NK Linh in Vietnam. You’ve shown many different concepts so far. Which concept was your favorite?

Woo-hyun: I liked the concept for “Nothing’s Over”. It was a concept like we just came to school, especially the outfit. It was an upbeat concept and it was a song under the album “Inspirit”, which is an album I really like because it’s the name of our fan club.
Sung-yeol: I liked the concept where Sung-jong had blonde hair. His body and mind was like a foreigner.
Dong-woo: I personally liked the concept for “Paradise”. We wore suits and I liked the choreography where we hit our hips. Like this…

We have made our comeback on September 19th with the album “Infinite Only”. We plan to work hard on promotions and once we’re done, we will be holding a concert and individual member activities. Some will shoot dramas and we’ll greet you in various different ways. So please cheer us on and show “The Eye” lots of love.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Infinite. Thank you!

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