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hello, we’re Bolbbalgan4. Come visit a place that’s fully Bolbbalgan4’s world, “Red Planet”!

This is from Alexa Sandoval in Peru. What’s the reason for naming your album “Red Planet”?

Ahn Ji-young: “Red Planet” is our own place, and it’s a full-length studio album made up of songs from our previously released half album and our full album. We named it “planet” because we wanted to fully show our style. And the color red is our descriptor word to symbolize cuteness. The name represents Bolbbalgan4’s world of our unique musical style.

This is from Ahlul Rayyan in Indonesia. Were you very surprised when you first learned that your music was so popular? Please describe how you felt.

Ahn Ji-young: Please tell them how it felt!

Yoo Ji-yoon: It was a song that we put a lot of time into to prepare, and we were so surprised to learn it was getting so much love. The moment where it really hit us was when we heard our own music playing on the streets.

When do you realize how popular you are these days?

Ahn Ji-young: It hits us when we see our music on the real-time charts for the Western fruit company. We also feel it when we read reviews or comments from people that like our music. We’re so happy.

This is from Darma in Indonesia. Your group name is very unique. How did you come to pick the name and are there any secret meanings behind it? (*The group’s Korean name is Bolbbalgan Sachoon-gi. ”Bolbbalgan” means “red-cheeked” and “sachoon-gi” means “puberty”)

Ahn Ji-young: We created the name when we were in our puberty years. We wanted to create music with the kind of honest and pure emotions that you can only feel when you’re in your puberty years. The red-cheeked part is our descriptor word for cuteness. We’re a group of cute kids that sing about a young girl’s heart with honesty and purity.

This is from Kevin in the USA. Where do you get your inspiration for your songs?

Yoo Ji-yoon: We get a lot of our inspiration from everyday stuff, so we often make notes of it on our cell phones. What about you, Ji-young?
Ahn Ji-young: Like Ji-yoon, I get a lot of inspiration from little things too. Like from movies and books. I attended an all-girls middle school, high school, and university so I have a lot of girl friends. I get material from our conversations about common love-related issues, and just change it to my own style.

This is from Yulia Panchina in Russia. Do you have a role model? If so, who?

Ahn Ji-young: I’m a huge fan of Amy Winehouse. The honesty in her music is very similar to our style and I like her musical style. Here’s a short verse…
Jiyoon, I’m curious too, which artist do you like?

Yoo Ji-yoon: I have so many artists I like. I really like a singer named Tori Kelly, Elle Varner, and also Troye Sivan.
Ahn Ji-young: Could you sing us a verse?
Yoo Ji-yoon: Which singer?
Ahn Ji-young: You choose.
Yoo Ji-yoon: I’ll sing a song by Elle Varner.
Ahn Ji-young: You started the pitch too low.
Yoo Ji-yoon: Oh my. That was hard.
Ahn Ji-young: She said she likes her.

This is from from a listener in France. Do you have plans for a concert overseas?

Yoo Ji-yoon: If we have the chance to, we’d love to.
Ahn Ji-young: Yes, we definitely want to. We’ve never performed overseas before.
Yoo Ji-yoon: We don’t even have passports…
Ahn Ji-young: We don’t have passports, we’ve never traveled overseas before. So if the opportunity permits, we’d love to go see you in France and hold a concert.

Which country do you want to perform in the most?

Ahn Ji-young: France! France is on the list.
Yoo Ji-yoon: And the neighboring countries in Europe while we’re at it.
Ahn Ji-young: R&B singers tend to go to the USA to perform, so we’d love to, too… It doesn’t matter where overseas. They say the Korean wave is strong, right? We want to go and experience it for ourselves. If you invite us.

This is from Datin Hasna Afaf in Indonesia. What’s a goal you want to achieve?

Ahn Ji-young: The most basic wish is for Bolbbalgan4 to make music for a long, long time. Also, we said this on “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook”, but we really want to participate on “Infinite Challenge’s” music festival. We hope to make these small wishes come true, one by one. Because we achieved our goal of reaching number one on the [Western] fruit music chart!
Yoo Ji-yoon: Yes! So the rest are left.
Ahn Ji-young: We will continue to reach for our goals one by one, little by little.

 ★[Pick One]★
 Please sing us a verse of Grumpy
 Ahn Ji-young: Please do it together.
 Ahn Ji-young: Thank you.
 Yoo Ji-yoon: That was one verse…
 Ahn Ji-young: That was a long verse.
        We’ve been receiving so much love for our full-length album “Red Planet”.
        We hope to continue with our promotions and show you our very best.
        We plan to release a new single in November, so please check it out and
        support us.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Bolbbalgan4.

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