KBS World Radio listeners! Hello, I’m Jay Park. Nice to see you.

Different from my album last year, this album is R&B and titled “Everything You Wanted”. It contains 19 tracks with two title tracks: “Drive” and “All I Wanna Do”. “All I Wanna Do” features Loco and Hoody while “Drive” was composed by and features Grey. I’m really taking advantage of AOMG. It’s good.

This is from Hiranya Guruge in Sri Lanka. Describe your album’s concept in one line.

Jay Park: Sophisticated R&B music.
Staff: You’re really just going to leave it at that?
Jay Park: Yes! Just one line. You want more?

This is from Esti Purwanti in Indonesia. I love your new song “Drive”. Have you ever actually done the things your song lyrics sing about on a date?

I actually don’t really go for drives. I’m a fake MC. I don’t drive much. I don’t know the roads well and can’t park. I normally drink when I go out and I can’t drink and drive. So I don’t drive.

Then what kind of dates do you go on?

I don’t date. I really don’t date. I think I hardly go on dates.

This is from Yusie in Indonesia. How did it feel to film the music video with Bora?

It was great. Bora’s a lot more lively and upbeat than I expected, which went well with the music video. It was fun.

This is from Natts Tempo in Argentina. Which musician do you listen to the most these days?

There were some new artists I listened to a lot while making my new album. These are some up-and-rising artists that I like these days: Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller. Check them out.

(sings “Say It”)

I don’t remember the lyrics exactly, but that’s the gist of a song called “Say It”. I sing it like that.

This is from Elismar Salazar in Spain. Which performance has been the most memorable?

I held a lot of performances…However, I held a solo concert four years ago. There’s a song of mine called “I Got Your Back. And there were like four thousand people? I was popular then. Anyways, all those people surprised me by holding up banners that said “I Got Your Back”. The fans all planned it to hold those banners up when I sang that song. I was so touched at the sight.

This is from Britty Datin Hasna in Indonesia. You always had a sexy and muscular image ever since you debuted, so it’s a shame that we never got to see you with a more aegyo-image. (*”aegyo” refers to a cute type of charm) Please show your beloved fans a little bit of aegyo.

Jay Park: I’m no longer muscular. Now that I’m older, my muscles have disappeared a lot. As for being sexy… Well, if you think that then I’m very grateful. I will not do aegyo.
Staff: Then show us sexy aegyo.
Jay Park: There’s no such thing as sexy aegyo. …Ah! There is!
“You’re too much! You’re too much! TT”
I really like that song.

This is from Ima in Indonesia. You’re well-known as a singer, rapper, and producer. Is there anything else you want to achieve?

President of the world! Honestly, there’s really nothing that pops to mind. I just want to keep growing in the work that I already do. And basically be able to help others through that.

Any plans for a overseas tour?

I visited the USA and Southeast Asia this year. I’m probably going to do that again next year. I’ll probably tour again. Recently, Russian fans have been tagging all of us asking us to visit Russia. Several hundred tags popped up. Russian fans were determined to have us notice them. I think it’d be great if we could do a tour in Europe as well.

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