Hello KBS World Radio listeners, we’re High Teen!

Our first mini album “Teen Magic” features our title song “Boom Boom Clap”. It has plenty of brass and an incredibly upbeat melody. It’s a lively song that matches us and the main point is its cute and fresh lyrics.
♪Worry Worry tomorrow! Today I want to go out and play~♪
It sings about forgetting everything for the day and playing. It’s a fun and therapeutic song. There are a total of seven songs, including “Boom Boom Clap”. Please listen to it and show it lots of love!

This question is from Stephanie Fretel in Peru. What inspired the group name, High Teen?

Hyeju: We are a girl group made up of members all in their teens. So our CEO asked us what we thought of “High Teen”, and we liked it so that's our name.

Were there are any interesting episodes from shooting your music video?

Eunjin: There’s a scene where I’m wearing a baseball uniform and have to hit a ball that a staff member throws at me. There’s an explosive part in our song chorus. I hit a home run right at that beat and everyone started cheering wildly.

What sets High Teen apart?

Eunjin: I think it’s our desire to be a little more closer with our fans and communicate with them.
Sae-ah: We try hard to communicate with our fans by holding autograph sessions and busking on the streets. We work hard to have communication through fan meetings.

This is from Estela in Peru. What’s the key choreographic point for the song “Boom Boom Clap”? Please show us.

Hyebin: There are four parts to the key point in our “Boom Boom Clap” dance. There’s the “se se se dance”, “train dance”, “crab dance”, and “butt dance”. From all of those, the “butt dance” is the main point of our song bridge.
Hyeju: Shall we show you?

Do you live in dorms? What are some good points and bad points of living together in dorms?

Hyeju: We are currently living in dorms. The good part of that is that we can chit chat together in the evenings. The bad part is that we don't get to see our parents much… We’re still young and need our parents a lot. It’s a little sad we don’t get to see our parents much.

Who’s the cleanest member? The member that cooks the best?

Eunjin: We don’t even have utensils yet, so we don’t cook.
Sae-ah: Yes, food is not allowed.
Eunjin: The cleanest member is probably me.
Hyeju: No way!
Sae-ah: We tend to make a mess and clean it all together so it's hard to pick just one…
Hyeju: If someone says, “Let’s clean!”, we all tend to clean together so…
Sae-ah: And we all make messes.
Hyeju: Yes! Even making messes is done together. Cleaning together as well.
Eunjin: We did it together yesterday.

Which KBS variety show do you most want to guest on?

Sae-ah: There are so many. I have lots of dreams for variety shows. I really want to go on “Happy Together”. I want to show off my talents.
Eunjin: I’m the group’s main vocalist and when you think KBS, you think “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook”. That’s one of the shows I want to go on the most.
Hyebin: I’m also part of the vocalist line like Eunjin, so I want to go on “Immortal Song 2”.

This is from the Arabic broadcast listener, FZ Chafi. Which artist do you want to collaborate with? Which artist is your role model?

Sae-ah: Well, first of all, SISTAR is the role model for High Teen. Their performance presence, their amazing vocals and talents…there’s a lot of things we can learn from them and that’s why they’re our role models.
Eunjin: We would love to collaborate with them.
Hyeju: SISTAR also promotes as units and they’re so great. We have a lot to learn from their on-stage charisma and performances. We’d love for a chance to perform with them on stage one day.

This is from Hiranya Guruge in Sri Lanka. What is a dream High Teen wants to achieve?

Hyebin: I personally hope High Teen is able to achieve success whether through subunit promotions, solo promotions, etc.
Eunjin: This year, I’d be so happy if High Teen became established as a group that is talented and does everything flawlessly.
Hyeju: There’s not many people that know about us because we are still new. I hope to one day go around and have people whisper, “Hey, isn’t that High Teen?”

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been High Teen.
Fighting! Thank you.

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