hello, I'm Yoon Shi-yoon.

This question is from Diana Callata in Bolivia. Where is a place you wish to visit for a "1 Night 2 Days (1N2D)" shoot?

I've always loved traveling, which is why 1N2D is such a great program for me because it recommends places of travel that I've never been to before. In Korea, there are many islands so I would like to visit all the islands. The major islands.

Where is a place overseas that you want to visit?

Bolivia! These days, I'm really into things that are retro, so places that have an old feel? Europe or Eastern Europe. I want to go to a lot of "retro" places.

This is from French listener Aurelie Asselah. What's your favorite book or who's your favorite author?

There are a lot of works, but I really like "The Little Prince". Personally, when it comes to this book, I like to collect copies of "The Little Prince" in each country I visit even if I can't speak the language. The illustrations are so beautiful too. "The Little Prince" is kind of my life motto. To live life like the Little Prince.

This is from Noemi Ramos Suarez in Peru. In the drama "The Prime Minister and I", you spoke a little Spanish. Was it difficult to learn Spanish lines?

It was very difficult. I also had two or three lines in Spanish in the drama "Flower Boys Next Door" and that was hard too. People who speak Spanish are so awesome. So if I get the chance, I want to study basic Spanish necessary for travel and go on a trip [using it].

This is from Basma in Egypt. Do you have any habits or rituals you do before you take on a new role?

Whenever I choose my next work, I make sure I have my motive set from the beginning to prepare. In creating this character for this drama or production, I look for a motive that's like a lever for me to set the [character's] standard. In the beginning, I meet with the writer or director to discuss what kind of motive to go after. After I have that all set, then I work on making this character my own.
I do a lot of research. I study and research to think of detailed habits or personality traits and what costumes or props I need to express that. In the past, for "Baker King Kim Tak-gu", I got a lot from "Slamdunk". Nothing to really prepare, but I watched it a lot.

This is from Imen Nat, listener of the French broadcast. How do you manage to look in your 20's when you're really in your 30's?

I'm grateful to hear the compliment, "You never change." The reason I never change is because I go to the same stylist. The same staff does my hair and makeup. I just...really? Do I look young? But I think others my age all look that way. Yoo Ah-in is like that. They all are... I'm careful because at any moment it'll be a downhill spiral. I'll work hard to maintain [my youth], everyone.

This is from Stephanie Fretel in Peru. Is there a song that gets stuck in your head these days? What is it?

I'm into classical or symphony music like "Shashasha" these days. Twice, you guys left me, but I'm still your fan.

This is from Thanh Thanh in Vietnam. Which was the most memorable recording after joining 1N2D?

I think it's still the first recording. Them just barging into my home and being so welcoming. The other cast members were the ones more interested in comments [viewers' reactions]. When they saw positive feedback they were so happy and relieved. It made me so happy. I was in such a daze, but it's a memorable moment for me til this day.

Many people still remember you in "Baker King Kim Tak-gu". It's popular overseas and there's even a remake being made. How do you feel about the remake being made in Vietnam? Also, please say a few words to your Vietnamese fans.

It's really, really such an honor. I'm curious to see how it'll be made and though I can't speak the language, I plan on watching it. Though it was a Korean production, for it to have sent a good message to you all shows that the most important thing is a healthy and hopeful story. I'm sure there will be a few changes made for the remake and that actors even better than I will take part. However, I'm sure that it'll still be able to give you all hope and move people with its precious family-related story. I think you all can look forward to it being great.

This is from Saika Masaharu in Japan. What kind of roles do you want to act out in the future?

I'm in my 30's, but I still love the emotions one feels in his teens or 20's and they still come naturally for me. I'm like Peter Pan, and thus I want to act out Peter Pan in his thirties. There's a Korean movie called "Pa-song-song Gyerantak" where the character's body is an adult, but his mind is still pure. I want to play that kind of a role... I want to be an actor that can act out such roles naturally. Those are the kind of works I want to act in so I'm waiting.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Yoon Shi-yoon.
I hope you enjoy watching 1N2D and all my dramas. I will continue to move you and relay laughter and entertainment to you all so please believe in me and wait for me.

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